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Adobe AIR related news for Sparkbooth photo booth software. Please note, the latest version no longer use the installed Adobe AIR.

Sparkbooth 3.4.7 Released

Minor update to check and provide workarounds for some Adobe AIR related issues:

Download Sparkbooth 3.4.7

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Mac Adobe AIR 3.2 Update and Sparkbooth

June 31, 2012. Fix updated to use Adobe AIR 3.1 instead of 2.7.1. AIR 3.1 does not have the video distortion issue, and allows you to select from multiple webcams.

Or upgrade to Sparkbooth 3.5 or later which has controls to adjust the distortion.

With Mac computers, the Adobe AIR 3.2 update changes the proportion of the video for Sparkbooth. For this reason, I do not recommend installing Adobe AIR 3.2. If you have already installed the update and are seeing the changed video proportions, here is what you need to do:

  1. Close Sparkbooth if it is open
  2. Uninstall Adobe AIR 3.2. Run the Adobe AIR Uninstall in Applications > Utilities folder.
  3. Install Adobe AIR 3.1.0 runtime from the Adobe AIR archive page
  4. After Adobe air 3.1.0 is installed, run Sparkbooth and the video will be fixed.
  5. Do not update Adobe air to 3.2 when prompted. If you want to disable these prompts, see “Disable automatic updates of the runtime

Sparkbooth 2.6 and PE 2.5 Update Available

This is a major release that includes any fixes including:

  • Improved memory usage. If you experienced any freezing or crashes, this will help.
  • Added new 3-photo landscape layouts
  • Other optimizations and bug fixes
  • No longer checks for updates on start up. Please use check update link in About dialog.
  • Updated Adobe licensing component. Changed to Try and Buy buttons

Download the update, or start up Sparkbooth to update your existing install.

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Adobe AIR 2.5.1 for Mac Fixed!

Adobe has just released an Adobe AIR update for Mac only that fixes the camera detection issue. Here is what Adobe said:

Today we posted a very minor update for the Adobe AIR 2.5.1 runtime that addresses a known issue related to interacting with a system’s camera on Mac systems. This is a desktop only release for the Mac; Windows and Linux users will not be impacted by this issue and will therefore not be prompted to update.

The build number for the Mac update is AIR We recommend that users update to the latest version of Adobe AIR.

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No Camera Detected on Mac

Adobe AIR has been updated to resolve this issue.

If you are running Sparkbooth on a Mac, do not update your Adobe AIR runtime to 2.5.1 which was released this week. Adobe AIR 2.5.1 for Mac seems to have broken the camera access.

If you do have 2.5.1 installed, you can go back to 2.5.0:

  1. Go to Applications/Utilities and run the Adobe AIR Uninstaller
  2. Go to
  3. Download the Adobe AIR 2.5.0 and install it
  4. Do not update to Adobe AIR 2.5.1 when prompted

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Adobe AIR 2.0.3 Available

Adobe AIR 2.0.3 runtime is now available at

According to the release notes, this release fixes the following issue “Camera resolution limit on Linux. Camera resolution cannot be increased beyond 320×240 on Ubuntu Linux”.