Sparkbooth DSLR Photo Booth Software

Canon DSLR photo booth software. Use your compatible camera to create a photo booth with all the easy-to-use features of Sparkbooth Premium including the drag-and-drop photo layout editor, social media photo sharing, and photo kiosk.

sparkbooth dslr photo booth software


Can I try Sparkbooth DSLR before buying a license?

  • Yes, you can download the 30-day free trial and try it out with your Canon camera. The trial will watermark the photos, and you will not be able to save out the individual photos.

Which Canon cameras are recommended?

  • So far in my testing, all the Canon T3 through T5i cameras have worked perfectly without any issues.

What are the recommended camera settings?

  • Sparkbooth DSLR requires that your Canon camera be set to output JPEG format images. You can decrease the size of the photos to speed up the download time.
  • You will need to enable LiveView mode to see LiveView video in Sparkbooth.
  • Disable automatic power off. This will automatically turn off your camera after sometime
  • It is also recommended that you use a power adapter for your camera, so you are not relying on the camera’s batteries

How to enable LiveView video in Sparkbooth DSLR?

  • To enable LiveView mode in your camera:
    1. Unplug your camera from the computer.
    2. Press the Menu button on your camera to display camera settings.
    3. Scroll through the menus and look for LiveView options, and make sure it is enabled. On some cameras, you may need to set the camera to a mode other than “Auto” – like Manual or Program (“M” or “P” on the camera’s dial).

Is a LiveView required?

  • No, you can use a webcam for the video, or turn off the video. You can also display your own images or text in the video window using the Screen Overlays feature instead of displaying any video.

How to enable the camera flash?

  • Just pop open the internal flash on your camera, and make sure flash is enabled in the camera’s menu settings. If you have a connected external flash, disable Silent mode on your camera. If your camera does not have Silent mode, try enabling the external flash option in Sparkbooth’s camera settings (ctrl-3).

Does Sparkbooth DSLR work with Nikon or Canon Powershot cameras?

  • Sorry, Sparkbooth DSLR currently only supports compatible Canon cameras.

Does Sparkbooth DSLR run on Mac or iOS?

  • Sorry, Sparkbooth DSLR only runs on Windows computers.