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Looking for the best Twitter Photo Booth software? Sparkbooth will automatically upload photos to your or your guest’s Twitter accounts.

Upload To Guest’s Twitter Stream

New uploader to tweet photo booth photo to your guest’s Twitter stream. Select “Twitter Guest” from Upload tab in Settings. This will prompt your guest to authorize uploading the photo to their Twitter account after the photo is taken. Other changes in Sparkbooth 3.0.12 include:

  • Fixed low space warning when save folders do not exist
  • Backup single photo to sparkbooth-photo folder if current save folder is unavailable
Download Sparkbooth 3

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Upload Photos Directly To Twitter | Sparkbooth Update

Sparkbooth 2.6.7 update is now available for download. Changes include:

  • Added Twitter uploader. You can now post photos directly to your Twitter account using Twitter’s offical photo service.
  • Disable fullscreen hotkey (ctrl-F or cmd-F) when Sparkbooth is locked (ctrl-L or cmd-L).

Sparkbooth 3.0.7 preview update is now also available on the download page. This update includes all changes above plus all Sparkbooth 3 preview features and…

  • Change the portrait photo used in the layout selection preview
  • Added a couple 4 x 8 (perforated) photo layouts

Your Sparkbooth license key will also unlock this version. If you have a Sparkbooth Party Edition license key, please contact me about upgrading pricing if you want to unlock Sparkbooth 3.

Download Updates

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How To Upload to Multiple Sites With MobyPicture

You have an account on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and your own WordPress blog, and you want Sparkbooth to upload photos to all of these sites? I suggest you check out MobyPicture.com. MobyPicture provides a service to upload photos to all your accounts, when you post a photo to MobyPicture. Sparkbooth has uploaders that uses your MobyPicture or Twitter account to upload to MobyPicture. To add all your accounts to uploading in MobyPicture:

  1. To go MobyPicture.com
  2. Sign into your account
  3. Click the “services” link at the top of the page to add your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, WordPress, and other accounts
  4. Start Sparkbooth
  5. Press F1 to display Settings
  6. Select the Upload tab
  7. Select “MobyPicture” or “MobyPicture Twitter” from the upload list. Use MobyPicture to sign in using your MobyPicture account username. Use MobyPicture Twitter, if you want to sign in using your Twitter account.
  8. Press the OK button and now photos will be uploaded to MobyPicture and from MobyPicture to your other accounts.

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Photo Booth Fixes For SmugMug, Comment Prompts | 2.4.3 and 2.5.3 Update

Changes in this release:

  • Fix SmugMug gallery selection
  • Checks if printing is enable on start, and displays printer setup.
  • Prompted dialog text is now customizable
  • Added prompt for comment option. Comments will replace photo captions for photo uploads.
  • Prompted name, email, and comment values will be sent in custom uploader request
  • Cancel prompts with ESC or ctrl-Z
  • Re-enable Twitter name prompt with Twitter uploaders
  • Prevent exiting fullscreen when displaying settings.
  • Sparkbooth 2.4.x is now known as Sparkbooth PE (Party Edition). Sparkbooth 2.5 and Sparkbooth PE 2.4 are the same product, just different product SKUs.
  • Fixed updating of Sparkbooth 2.5. If you purchased 2.5.x, please update by pressing Download button from here.

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One Year Ago

One year ago, Sparkbooth debuted at the Adobe MAX conference as part a promotion for Adobe’s purchasing system. The product was a much simpler piece of software – little graphics, no voice prompts, no animation, no printing, no uploading. Very different from what it is today. Thanks to all the great feedback and encouragement from Sparkbooth customers, the software was improved to what you see today. But there is more to come. Keep an eye out for some very exciting changes and additions in next few months. Look for announcements here, on Facebook, or Twitter

Thank you! And Happy Halloween!

Using yfrog to Display Uploaded Photos

Are you using yfrog to upload photos from Sparkbooth? Check out the yfrog photo widget. You can use it to display the uploaded photos on your web page or blog.

First you will need to setup Sparkbooth to automatically upload photos to yfrog:

  1. Start Sparkbooth and press F1 to display the Settings dialog
  2. Click the Upload tab and select “yfrog” in the drop down list
  3. Press the Login button and sign into your Twitter account
  4. Press the Close button and now each photo will be automatically uploaded to yfrog

Next go to yfrog and create your yfrog widget which will generate an embed script. Copy this code and place on your web page or blog, and now you got Sparkbooth photos on your web site!

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Photo Booth Uploads ScreenTweet, Plixi, Video Hotkey | 2.3.2 Update

Sparkbooth 2.3.2 has been released. Changes include:

  • Switch ScreenTweet uploader to new OAuth API
  • TweetPhoto is now Plixi. Updated service urls for new domain
  • Use control-K or command-K to switch video/image color on “Press space bar to begin” screen
  • Print prompt dialog now shows print preview

Twitter Photo Booth Oauth Uploads | 2.3 Update

Sparkbooth 2.3 has been released. This is a major release and contains many new features:

  • Convert Twitter service uploaders to new OAuth authentication. On August 31th, Twitter turned off basic authentication which is used by all the Twitter upload services in Sparkbooth 2.2, so these upload services stopped working on that date. The conversion to OAuth will allow those upload services to continue to work.
  • Add yfrog uploader
  • Removed ScreenTweet, TwitDoc, and TwitSnaps uploaders since they do not support Twitter OAuth authentication requirement
  • New re-print feature. Press control-P or command-P to reprint the last photo during the “Press Spacebar to Begin” screen.
  • New application lock feature. When locked, users cannot quit the application, exit full screen, access settings or camera dialogs. Press control-L or command-L to toggle lock mode. Unlocking can be protected with a password.
  • Added 3-photo and 1-photo layouts. Sparkbooth can now handle less than 4 photo sessions.
  • Added video display-only theme. This is useful if you are using a 1-photo layout.
  • Added usage statistics to Settings > Options > Other
  • Fixed issue with clicking on “Press Spacebar to Begin” message to start photo session.
  • Add missing “2 x 2 Top, Portrait” layout
  • New 1 + 3 layouts
  • New 4 x 1 duplicate strip with logo layout
  • New 2” x 4” strip layout

To update, start Sparkbooth on your computer while connected to the internet and you will be prompted to install the update.

Twitter Authentication Switch Over

Starting today, August 31th, 2010, Twitter is switching off basic authentication for third-party services. This means all the Twitter upload services in Sparkbooth 2.2.1 or lower will no longer work. If you want to continue to use any of these Twitter upload services, please download and install Sparkbooth 2.3 Beta. TwitrPix, Img.ly, MobyPicture, Posterous, TweetPhoto, TwitGoo, TwitPic, and yFrog have all been updated to use the new OAuth authentication method now required by Twitter. Unfortunately, ScreenTweet, TwitDoc, and TwitSnaps have not updated their services to use the new authentication method, so they have been removed from Sparkbooth for now until they have been updated.

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Photo Booth Software Beta | 2.3 Beta Update

Sparkbooth 2.3 Beta 2 is now available to try. You can download the beta from here. If you have a previous version of Sparkbooth installed, click the replace option during installation (the version is displayed as 2.2.1 in the install dialog). Changes since 2.3 beta 1 include:

  • Added 3-photo and 1-photo layouts. Sparkbooth can now handle less than 4 photo sessions.
  • Added video display-only theme. This is useful if you are using a 1-photo layout.
  • Added usage statistics to Settings > Options > Other
  • Removed ScreenTweet, TwitDoc, and TwitSnaps uploaders since they do not support Twitter OAuth authentication requirement