Ever After Photography

Everybody loved it!! Such an easy, cheap & fantastic idea for parties.

Frugal but Fabulous

She had a wedding for less than $5,000, so I was sure she had gotten a great deal. And I was right! She shared her secret with me, and it’s called Sparkbooth!

Scott Wyden

So why Sparkbooth? The developer not only built a great solution to a DIY photobooth but also gives great support.

Katy Brown

Sparkbooth is brilliant… The possibilities are endless: Birthday party favors, weddings, office gatherings.

Pete Prodoehl

The Sparkbooth software is great and provides a ton of features

Susan Stitt

Using Sparkbooth made it sooo easy, and the photo booth really contributed significantly to the fun wedding reception that we had for our daughter.

Rona Philpott

Had my first photo booth for my daughter’s friend’s wedding. It was a HIT! Thank you Sparkbooth!

Jerry Sanchez Jr.

It was really easy to use & everyone had a great time with it.


I looked at all of the options on the market today, and found this to be the best choice, short of spending upwards of $500 for a commercial option

Mary Bogen

Sparkbooth! I love you! You added a crazy amount of fun to my wedding earlier this week!