Sparkbooth Photo Booth Software News

Goodbye Adobe InMarket! I would like to thank Adobe for letting me into their beta program 3 years ago for Adobe InMarket. Without Adobe InMarket, Sparkbooth would not have existed. Thanks again, I am sorry to see you guys go - it was great working with all of you.

Sparkbooth's new online store is now open for business. You can now purchase your Sparkbooth licenses directly from me via PayPal or credit card.

Sparkbooth has been updated to use a new licensing system outside of Adobe InMarket. You will be able to purchase and activate installs of Sparkbooth software beyond the close date of Adobe InMarket using the new version of the software.

Everyone who purchased the software through Adobe InMarket will receive license keys for the new version of the software. Emails have been sent out if you purchase the software with details. If you purchased Sparkbooth within the past week through Adobe InMarket, you will receive the email in the next few days.

Any Sparkbooth software that is already installed and activated will continue to run and operating past the closure of Adobe InMarket. So there is no need to update your existing installs.

You only need to use the new version of Sparkbooth if you need to reinstall or update the software on the same computer, or install on a new computer after August 31, 2011.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Here is an update for the Sparkbooth 3 preview. Changes include:

  • Added option to submit emails to MailChimp mailing lists. To turn on this option, go to Settings, select Option tab, select Saving from list and check the "Submit Email to MailChimp Mailing List" option. You will need to also select the Prompt for email option.
  • Fixed missing "z" key from on-screen keyboard
  • Fixed Posterous and SmugMug uploader issues

Download Sparkbooth

I have recently learned Adobe InMarket is shutting down on August 31, 2011. As a result, Sparkbooth will no longer be sold through Adobe after the end of August. According to Adobe:

If users have installed and paid for your application before August 31, 2011, then these users can continue to use the application even after the Adobe AIR Marketplace is shut down. If your application was using try and buy, then applications can be tried or purchased on or before August 31, 2011. Applications cannot be purchased after August 31, 2011.

If you purchased Sparkbooth, it will continue to run after August 31, 2011. Sparkbooth will be migrated to a new purchase and licensing system before this deadline. When the migration is complete, everyone who has purchased Sparkbooth and Sparkbooth Party Edition will be emailed new license keys to use with the new license system.

One benefit of the new licensing system is I can now provide upgrade pricing. Everyone who purchased Sparkbooth Party Edition on or after November 1, 2010 will be automatically upgraded to Sparkbooth 3. Everyone who purchased Sparkbooth Party Edition before November 2010 will have an upgrade path available. Details to come, so please stay tuned.

The preview of Sparkbooth 3 is now avaialble for download. New features in this version include:

  • Enable Facebook page album selection
  • Added SendGrid to email photos to users. Select this option in Uploaders settings.
  • to email photos to users. Select this option in Uploaders settings.
  • New touch screen controls. To enable, go to Settings > Options tab > User Controls.
  • New on-screen keyboard used for user prompts.
  • New on-screen photo layout selection and layout preview, so your users can now select the layout to use. Only layouts marked as "Favorite" will be displayed.
  • New on-screen color button so your users can change video filters
  • New on-screen start button as an alternative to the "Click to start" option
  • Option to always hide mouse cursor. Useful for touch screen users.

The new touch screen features work great with computers like the HP TouchSmart series. If you don't have a touch screen computer, the new features also work with a mouse.

This preview does not include the Canon camera or the native webcam features. These are still under development.

Sparkbooth 2.6.3 and PE 2.5.3 are now available. This is just an administrative update to change the developer name to "John Wu Presents, LLC". There are no fixes or changes in this update, so it is not critical to download this update.

Changes for this update include:

  • Add setting to use default camera only. Some Dell computers with an internal Quanta webcam have a bad driver that is not compatible with Sparkbooth and will cause the error "Sparkbooth.exe has stopped working". You can use an external USB webcam instead, but need to disable the Quanta webcam from the computer's Device Manager and enable "Use Default Camera Only" in Sparkbooth Settings > Options tab > Other from list.
  • Fixed ctrl+L lock so password dialog does not add character on display.
  • Lock is not enabled on start up anymore if lock feature is turned on. You will need to press ctrl+L to enable.
  • Other optimizations and fixes.

To update, click on "Check for Updates" in the Sparkbooth About screen.

Maintenance update is now available for download. Changes include:

  • Fix saving of "Hide Buttons" settings
  • Photo layout backgrounds and overlay images are now cached. So you no longer need to keep the image file in the same location from where they were selected.
  • When selecting a save folder, Sparkbooth now verifies that it can save photos
  • New control skins

To update, please click the "Check for Updates" link in Sparkbooth About dialog.

This is a major release that includes any fixes including:

  • Improved memory usage. If you experienced any freezing or crashes, this will help.
  • Added new 3-photo landscape layouts
  • Other optimizations and bug fixes
  • No longer checks for updates on start up. Please use check update link in About dialog.
  • Updated Adobe licensing component. Changed to Try and Buy buttons

Download the update, or start up Sparkbooth to update your existing install.

Two Young Couples Dressed For Party

Proms and Graduation Parties are two of the most popular types of high school parties, and are accordingly two fantastic reasons to celebrate all the achievements accomplished during your high school years! Know that this special time in one's life should be a time of celebration and for that reason everything should be done to make sure that this special occasion creates memories that will be carried throughout an entire lifetime.

When it comes time to host a Prom and/or Graduation Party, there are many things to do to make sure that every guest has the best night ever! A date and time need to be set, a budget needs to be in place, a venue needs to be found, food and drinks need to be ordered, a guest list needs to be prepared, a theme needs to be chosen, and the entertainment must be something that everyone is going to enjoy. Remember, although it may be a lot of fun to plan a Prom or Graduation Party, it does require a lot of time and effort to make sure it's done right!

Need a New, Super Fun Party Entertainment Idea?

Sparkbooth is the answer! Since everyone likes their picture to be taken, why not try Sparkbooth at your next Prom or Graduation Party!? It is super fun, super easy, and all you need is the software, a computer webcam, and a printer.

In order to help make your Prom or Graduation Party one that will be easily remembered, know that you can easily include Sparkbooth as part of your entertainment. These photos are special in that you are able to modify them so that you can make them more personal to fit the particular occasion. For example, you can add the text 'Prom Night' or 'Best Friends Forever!' to your photo.

Sparkbooth is a software program that gives party goers the ability to take photos of themselves and then share these photos with their friends, making it a great asset to any party! Similar to the old-style photo booths, you simply pose and click to take your photos! Remember those 4 vertical prints that you probably still have tucked away in a box somewhere from getting you're your picture taken with friends in the old-style photo booths? Welcome to the world of Sparkbooth!

Therefore, Sparkbooth is affordable, easy to use, and can be used over and over again for new parties because taking photos will never go out of style!

Prom Party Ideas and/or Themes

It's your Prom Night! First and foremost, have fun! Next, make sure your Prom Party theme is considered to be a popular one, which will help to ensure that everyone abides by the theme as closely as possible.

A Night at the Oscars

Have everyone dress up as their favorite Oscar winning movie star! Tom Cruise. James Franco. Brad Pitt. Johnny Depp. Wil Smith. Natalie Portman. Meryl Streep. Julia Roberts. Reese Witherspoon.

Famous Couples

Dress up as a famous couple, from long ago or in today's world. Cleopatra and Antony. Romeo and Juliet. President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.


Choose a decade to represent your theme. 1950's-Poodle Skirts. Jeans and t-shirts. Slicked back hair. Rock n' Roll. Andy Warhol. 1970's-Peace and Love. Disco. Star Wars.


Choose a city or famous place to represent your them. Paris in the Spring. New York City. India's Taj Mahal.

Graduation Party Ideas and/or Themes

Students Graduating

So you've done it! You've graduated from high school, which is a tremendous and wonderful accomplishment. Congratulations!


Dress as you would to represent your career choice. Doctor? Lawyer? Police Woman/Man? Candy Taster? Pilot? Farmer?

Favorite Career People

Choose a favorite person that currently works in your chosen career field. Journalism-Oprah Winfrey. Chef-Jamie Oliver. Doctor-Dr. Oz.

Post High School Parties

So everyone's already graduated from high school and have moved on to fulfilling their life's hopes and dreams. Great! Whether it's been 1 year, 5 years, or 10 years since your high school class graduated, know that planning for a high school reunion should be just as much fun as the original. And just imagine how much fun it will be to see everyone from your high school days! You can share your post high school achievements as well as reminisce of days gone by.

Endless Possibilities!

When you choose to host a post high school party, you really are open to using any theme that you consider to be relevant to either pre or post high school times.

The Details - How to Use Sparkbooth

Sparkbooth uses a very straightforward platform, which offers lots of fun options.

Setting Up: First, you need to get a computer (with Sparkbooth software already installed), a webcam, and a printer together and then place them in an area that is easy to get to, yet out of the way. Maybe there's an empty wall or a corner space where you can set up a table to put the computer and printer on so that the camera is pointed at a particular background or focal point.

Tips and Suggestions:

  • Create a "Photo Booth" Sign. Creating a special sign lets the guests know that you have an actual Photo Booth available where they can take photos of themselves.
  • Set up a Theme/Background. Choose one of the preset themes that are already available in Sparkbooth's library or choose to use your own background.
  • Customize the Photo Layout Background. Insert a logo and/or a text message in order to personalize the photo. For example, you can type in, "My Prom Party, 2012".

Taking Photos: Stand directly in front of the web camera. Strike a pose. Click. It's really that easy to do! You are able to look at your photo before printing, allowing you to pick and choose which photo's you want to actually print out.

Printing Photos: Print out your photos in a strip of 4, or a 2-by-2 format. Both have the ability for you to add in your own personalized text and/or graphics. You can choose to preview the photo before actually printing to make sure that it is exactly how you want it to be.

Bottom Line

Sparkbooth gives you the ability to add something new and unique to your Prom and/or Graduation Party. A picture is considered to be one of the most treasured items that a person can have, and by choosing to use Sparkbooth you are choosing a way that allows your guests to create and share their very own photos, which will surely be the hit of the party. Know that when you choose to use Sparkbooth at your next Prom or Graduation Party, you are making memories that will last a lifetime!