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New exciting features and updates for Sparkbooth photo booth software

Checkout Sparkbooth 5.0 Beta

Have you tried the Sparkbooth 5.0 Beta? Check out these new features:

  • Comes in English, Spanish, German, French, or Brazilian Portuguese languages
  • Animated text countdowns and prompts
  • Take photos by trigger without countdown
  • Retake photos in session
  • Custom countdown audio so you can add voice clips for 1, 2, 3…
  • Custom countdown images so you can use your own images
  • Portrait mode for tall screens including camera rotation
  • Display and upload layouts as split strip
  • Print single strip layout as doubled strip
  • Settable photo layout background color
  • Use screensaver instead of cover screen
  • Video and animated text screensaver and cover screens
  • Post animated GIFs to Facebook using new “Facebook Post Share” uploader to posted GIF on photo sharing services and then share photo on Facebook
  • Use animated GIFs for screen overlays or green screen backgrounds
  • Support Vivial Connect service for sending photos to mobile devices
  • DSLR supports Nikon cameras
  • New “None” theme to maximumize the display of the live view window

Download and try the Sparkbooth 5.0 Beta

You can use any license key purchased after July 1, 2016 to unlock the 5.0 beta. If your license was purchased before, you can upgrade it to 5.0 at http://sparkbooth.com/upgrade

Sparkbooth 4.3 Released!

After months of testing, 4.3 is now available to download. This is primarily a stability and memory optimization update with a few new features like:

  • Sparkbooth DSLR now supports Canon T6 / 1300D. Please update your camera’s firmware.
  • Faster and improved settings import and export. Including smaller file size, less memory usage, and fix for encoding large and corrupt images.
  • Add limited GIF uploading
  • Display GIF animations in previews and prompts
  • Disable printing temporarily setting 0 prints via shortcut
  • Add password confirmation for lock mode
  • Add setting to toggle lock mode with close mode short cut
  • See 4.3 beta release notes for a full list of changes

This is a free update for all Sparkbooth 4 license holders. You can download 4.3 now, or update from Sparkbooth 4.x.

New Send Photo Later Import Export


With the latest 4.2 update, you can now import/export data into/from the “Send Photo Later” queue. This is great for backing up the queue, or if you need to re-upload photos.

To access this new feature, go to Settings and select “Send Photo Later”, and note the new import and export buttons.

The import feature will import any of the tab-delimited files generated by Sparkbooth. If you have the prompts enabled, you can import the sparkbooth-prompts.txt. If you have uploads enabled, you can import the sparkbooth-uploads.txt file.

If you want to import the prompts or upload log from another computer, copy the photos folder over and set it as the layout folder under Settings > Saving before importing the log file.