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Sparkbooth photo booth software beta related posts and news

Try Green Screen Beta

We are releasing the beta for green screen (chroma key) for Sparkbooth users to try out. The green screen feature is for Premium license users only. Please review the Sparkbooth Green Screen instructions and setup tips. You can download the beta below:

For Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS 10.7 or later. Photos are watermarked during trial.
For Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP only. DSLR is currently not available for Mac.
Photos are watermarked and saving of original files disabled during trial.

Sparkbooth & DSLR 4.1 Beta

Article updated July 3, 2014 with latest changes

Please help test the Sparkbooth & DSLR 4.1 beta. It includes many fixes, optimizations, and some new features including:

  • Start screens. Option to replace on-screen button with separate screens to select photo layouts, photo effects, and screen overlays
  • Cover screen options to display a start image or slideshow of photos. Use this for Sparkbooth DSLR to turn off LiveView in between session
  • Update Facebook log in screen and uploader to Facebook’s 2.0 service
  • Post to Facebook event page
  • Photo layout search in photo layout settings to quickly find the layout you want to use
  • Photo layout reset options to select next or random layout for next guest
  • Twilio SMS can now send photo links uploaded to you Facebook, SmugMug, or Flickr accounts
  • Send Photo Later can throttle uploads due for services with rate limits
  • Send all photos to an account email. Great for websites with “post by email” photo galleries like SquareSpace or WordPress
  • Reset Layout Editor customizations for a photo layout – removing any images and text objects
  • Doubled limit of image and text customizations for Personal license users
  • Added counters for Facebook, Twitter, emailing, SMS
  • Submit emails to MailChimp from Send Photo Later queue
  • Keyboard enabled prints count on print prompt screen using arrow keys
  • Hide photo layouts
  • Workaround for Twitter login service changes
  • Click to update from notification
  • Name and re-order counter by dragging and dropping in list
  • Other optimizations and fixes

Sparkbooth DSLR 4.1 includes all the above plus:

  • Support for Canon T5 / 1200D
  • Improved and optimized LiveView memory and CPU usage
  • New DSLR app icon

This is a beta release, so please test before using at a real event! The beta will replace your existing install of Sparkbooth 4, and use your existing activation.

Try Sparkbooth & DSLR 4.1 Beta

Sparkbooth DSLR Beta

Get Sparkbooth Early Beta License

You asked for it and we listened. We’re kicking off a crowdsource campaign and pre-selling licenses at $175 for our new Sparkbooth DSLR version – the next hot product in our line of photo booth software.

With the current beta, Sparkbooth DSLR connects to your camera via USB cable. Sparkbooth DSLR automatically connects to display LiveView video and takes photos from the camera. Early access licenses include activations on up to 3 computers, allows for commercial usage, unlocks commercial/premium features and works with the beta and released versions. View the rest of the new features here.

Join the campaign and be the first to get the new Sparkbooth software before release.

For questions, contact us at the Sparkbooth DSLR support site

Get Sparkbooth Early Beta License

Help Test New “Send It Later” Feature in 3.4

I need help testing the “Send It Later” feature in Sparkbooth 3.4. This new feature will allows you to queue up photos, and send them later when you have an internet connection.

April 2, 2012: 3.4.2 Update. Tweak photo info text in Send It Later. Check for internet connection with Send All action in Send It Later.
March 30, 2012: 3.4.1 Update. Fixed a couple issues with “Send It Later”. Added option to automatically queue failed uploads to “Send It Later”. Added online check at start to warn if an uploader is selected while there is no internet connection.

If you find any issues, please send me a message

Help Test New Photo Album Feature

Updated to 3.3.2 on 3/17/2012. Changes include clean up of photo album, improved handling of loading corrupted overlay or background images, and improved error logging. Click download button below to update.
Updated to 3.3.1 on 3/16/2012. Changes include optimized photo album loading, improved offline messaging, fixed license issue for Mac (Snow Leopard and Lion). Click download button below to update.

I need help testing the new photo album feature in Sparkbooth 3.3. This new feature will allow your guests to browse through the previous photos taken, and they can print or send them to their Facebook, Twitter, or email accounts. Here is a quick demo.

Download and Try Out Sparkbooth 3.3 Preview

If you find any issues, please send me a message

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Uploading Photos to Guest’s Facebook Account | 3.0.10 Update

Sparkbooth 3.0.10 preview update is now available. This update includes the new Facebook Guest uploader which will upload photos into your guest’s Facebook account. Guests will be prompted for permission to upload into their Facebook account for each photo session.

Other changes include centering of on-screen messages when video screen is not displayed.

Download Update

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Sparkbooth 3.0.9 Preview Update

Changes include:

Oct 28, 2011: Sparkbooth 3.0.9d updated to fix email input display issue when testing the email uploaders.
Oct 27, 2011: Sparkbooth 3.0.9c updated to fix an problem with hidden theme controls when testing the email uploaders.
  • Guest print copies selection control now works with keyboard (ctrl-P or cmd-P, or plus/minus keys)
  • Streamlined guest print copies control setting. To turn on, Go to Options tab > Printing from list > check “Enable printing”, “Prompt guest to print”, and “with copies selection”
  • Fixed show/hide issue with touch controls. Controls were not hiding or showing in certain situations.
  • Cleaned up setting labels
  • Cleaned up start up code
Download Updates

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Sparkbooth 3.0.8 preview update

Just in time for your Halloween party! This update adds the ability for guests to select the number of print copies. To turn this new option:

See up-to-date instructions for Sparkbooth 3.0.9 update
  1. Open Sparkbooth Settings by pressing F1 or the settings button in the upper right.
  2. Select the Options tab, and selecting Printing from the list
  3. Enable Printing. Also enable the print prompt by checking the option to “Prompt user to print” and “With preview”
  4. Select User Controls from the list to show the print copies control.
  5. Select “Enable Print Copies Selection”
Download Updates

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Upload Photos Directly To Twitter | Sparkbooth Update

Sparkbooth 2.6.7 update is now available for download. Changes include:

  • Added Twitter uploader. You can now post photos directly to your Twitter account using Twitter’s offical photo service.
  • Disable fullscreen hotkey (ctrl-F or cmd-F) when Sparkbooth is locked (ctrl-L or cmd-L).

Sparkbooth 3.0.7 preview update is now also available on the download page. This update includes all changes above plus all Sparkbooth 3 preview features and…

  • Change the portrait photo used in the layout selection preview
  • Added a couple 4 x 8 (perforated) photo layouts

Your Sparkbooth license key will also unlock this version. If you have a Sparkbooth Party Edition license key, please contact me about upgrading pricing if you want to unlock Sparkbooth 3.

Download Updates

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Sparkbooth 3.0.6 Preview Updated

Oct 12, 2011: Updated to 3.0.6 to fix a couple bugs.

This update includes:

  • Select available video colors for color button by keyboard via ctrl-K or cmd-K
  • Hide distracting photos and video during user name/email prompts
  • Improved user prompts – bigger and cleaner
  • On-screen cancel button
Download Preview

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