Sparkbooth has been updated to use a new licensing system outside of Adobe InMarket. You will be able to purchase and activate installs of Sparkbooth software beyond the close date of Adobe InMarket using the new version of the software.

Everyone who purchased the software through Adobe InMarket will receive license keys for the new version of the software. Emails have been sent out if you purchase the software with details. If you purchased Sparkbooth within the past week through Adobe InMarket, you will receive the email in the next few days.

Any Sparkbooth software that is already installed and activated will continue to run and operating past the closure of Adobe InMarket. So there is no need to update your existing installs.

You only need to use the new version of Sparkbooth if you need to reinstall or update the software on the same computer, or install on a new computer after August 31, 2011.

If you have any questions, please contact me.