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There is a Windows issue where if you change the username and/or password on your computer, the license component will not be able to access the license data and Sparkbooth will get stuck on start up. This maintenance update will reset license data so it can start up correctly, but you will need to re-activate your license. Please update if you are experiencing this issue.

You can download the latest version from the download page.

Goodbye Adobe InMarket! I would like to thank Adobe for letting me into their beta program 3 years ago for Adobe InMarket. Without Adobe InMarket, Sparkbooth would not have existed. Thanks again, I am sorry to see you guys go - it was great working with all of you.

Sparkbooth's new online store is now open for business. You can now purchase your Sparkbooth licenses directly from me via PayPal or credit card.

Sparkbooth has been updated to use a new licensing system outside of Adobe InMarket. You will be able to purchase and activate installs of Sparkbooth software beyond the close date of Adobe InMarket using the new version of the software.

Everyone who purchased the software through Adobe InMarket will receive license keys for the new version of the software. Emails have been sent out if you purchase the software with details. If you purchased Sparkbooth within the past week through Adobe InMarket, you will receive the email in the next few days.

Any Sparkbooth software that is already installed and activated will continue to run and operating past the closure of Adobe InMarket. So there is no need to update your existing installs.

You only need to use the new version of Sparkbooth if you need to reinstall or update the software on the same computer, or install on a new computer after August 31, 2011.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

I have recently learned Adobe InMarket is shutting down on August 31, 2011. As a result, Sparkbooth will no longer be sold through Adobe after the end of August. According to Adobe:

If users have installed and paid for your application before August 31, 2011, then these users can continue to use the application even after the Adobe AIR Marketplace is shut down. If your application was using try and buy, then applications can be tried or purchased on or before August 31, 2011. Applications cannot be purchased after August 31, 2011.

If you purchased Sparkbooth, it will continue to run after August 31, 2011. Sparkbooth will be migrated to a new purchase and licensing system before this deadline. When the migration is complete, everyone who has purchased Sparkbooth and Sparkbooth Party Edition will be emailed new license keys to use with the new license system.

One benefit of the new licensing system is I can now provide upgrade pricing. Everyone who purchased Sparkbooth Party Edition on or after November 1, 2010 will be automatically upgraded to Sparkbooth 3. Everyone who purchased Sparkbooth Party Edition before November 2010 will have an upgrade path available. Details to come, so please stay tuned.

This is a major release that includes any fixes including:

  • Improved memory usage. If you experienced any freezing or crashes, this will help.
  • Added new 3-photo landscape layouts
  • Other optimizations and bug fixes
  • No longer checks for updates on start up. Please use check update link in About dialog.
  • Updated Adobe licensing component. Changed to Try and Buy buttons

Download the update, or start up Sparkbooth to update your existing install.