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Sparkbooth 7.1 includes the follow changes and improvements:

  • For DSLR, minimize the toggling off and on of live view
  • Update Google authenticator for OOB change. Affects Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos
  • Display QR code for photos uploaded via Send to Account. QR code works with following uploaders:
    • Facebook
    • Flickr
    • Giphy
    • Google Drive
    • Google Photos
    • Imgur
    • Shootproof
    • SmugMug
    • Tumblr
    • Twitter
  • Custom uploader works with QR codes and supports JSON response Documentation Display on-screen keyboard for gateway screen (with option to disable if not needed)
  • Separate timeout setting for decorate and drawing screen
  • Added photo overlays for mirror booth

Download Sparkbooth 7.1

Sparkbooth 7.1 Beta QR Code

Sparkbooth Enabling QR Code

This is the first release of the 7.1 beta. New features include:

  • Display QR code for photos uploaded via Send to Account. QR code works with following uploaders:
    • Facebook
    • Flickr
    • Giphy
    • Google Drive
    • Google Photos
    • Imgur
    • Shootproof
    • SmugMug
    • Tumblr
    • Twitter
  • For DSLR, minimize the toggling off and on of live view
  • Display on-screen keyboard for gateway screen (with option to disable if not needed)
  • Separate timeout setting for decorate and drawing screen
  • Update Google authenticator for OOB change. Affects Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos
  • Custom uploader works with QR codes and supports JSON response Documentation
  • Added photo overlays for mirror booth

Please download and give this beta a try and let me know if you find any issues.

Stay tuned for more updates and features.

Download Sparkbooth 7.1 Beta

Personal / Premium for Windows Personal / Premium for MacOS Canon DSLR for Windows Nikon DSLR for Windows Nikon DSLR for MacOS

Sparkbooth 7.0 is now available. To learn more about Sparkbooth 7, please read the new features, or release notes. You can also watch the video walk-through created by Joe of A1 Photo Booth.

This latest update also fixes webcam access for MacOS 11 (Big Sur). If you need to run Sparkbooth on MacOS 11, please install to this update.

Sparkbooth 7 has a free 30-day trial. If you purchased a Premium or DSLR license after February 1, 2020, your license will already unlock and activate Sparkbooth 7. If you purchased a license before, you can upgrade your license to the current version to use with Sparkbooth 7.

Download Sparkbooth 7.0

Personal / Premium for Windows Personal / Premium for MacOS Canon DSLR for Windows Nikon DSLR for Windows Nikon DSLR for MacOS

Today we are releasing the early beta for Sparkbooth DSLR Beta for Nikon on MacOS.

Sparkbooth DSLR for MacOS

The beta also includes all the new 7.0 features. Canon cameras are not currently supported for MacOS, but we are looking into it. Supported Nikon DSLR models:

Nikon 1 V3, Nikon D3, D3X, D4S, D5, D6 * D90, D300, D300S, D500, D600, D610, D700, D750, D780 * D800, D810, D850, D5000, D5100, D5200, D5300, D5500, D5600, D7000, D7100, D7200, D7500, z6, z7 z50 *

* Supported by camera component but unverified. If you have this camera model and it works for you, please let us know.

Download Sparkbooth Nikon DSLR Beta for MacOS

Sparkbooth 7.0 beta is now available. This release focuses on the new GIF Booth mode and virtual props.

Photo or GIF Booth Selection Start Screen

You can now configure Sparkbooth to lets guests select the photo or GIF booth using the new selection start screen

GIF Booth example rewind GIF

With GIF Booth mode, you can configure Sparkbooth to create GIFs with multiple frames like the rewind example above.

Decorate photos with virtual props

New virtual props have been added to Sparkbooth 7 as a replacement for actual props. Guest can decorate their photo using the virtual props or customize with your own images.

New upload selection screen

If you have configured Sparkbooth to generate GIFs from the photo booth photos, guests can select which image to upload with the new upload selection screen.

New background removal without green screen

Sparkbooth 7 integrates with background removal services like Gadbooth and Remove.bg to automatically remove backgrounds without using a green screen.

Change Snap Camera lens

Use Snap Camera with Sparkbooth as another option for virtual props. Sparkbooth can send key presses to Snap Camera to automatically change lens for each photo.

Multi-printer support

Multi-printer support. Sparkbooth will automatically cycle through multiple printers for printing. Or send duplicate strip layouts to specific printers configured for cutting.

New features and changes to 7.0 include:

  • GIF Booth mode to record multi-frame GIFs including rewind or boomerang GIFs
  • Display Photo Booth and GIF Booth selection screen to allow guests to select mode
  • New virtual props and stickers. Or use your own images to create your own sets of props
  • Separate upload settings for GIF verses JPEG/PNG. Some uploaders do not work with GIFs
  • Separate photo album/kiosk settings for GIF verses JPEG/PNG. For example, no print option for GIFs
  • Decorate screen to allow guests to draw or apply virtual props on individual photos
  • Email or texting input screen displays image to be sent
  • Customizable button and screen title font and color
  • Snap Camera hotkey sets to automatically change Snap Camera lens per photo
  • Multi-printer support including sending duplicate photo layouts to printers setup for cutting
  • Redesigned, reorganize, and streamlined settings dialogs

Sparkbooth 7 has a free 30-day trial. If you purchased a Premium or DSLR license after February 1, 2020, your license will already unlock and activate Sparkbooth 7. If you purchased a license before, you can upgrade your license to the current version to use with Sparkbooth 7.

Please note: All new features are only available for Premium and DSLR licenses. This is a beta so test before using for your events. If you find any issues or have questions, please send us an email.

Download Sparkbooth 7.0

Personal / Premium for Windows Personal / Premium for MacOS Canon DSLR for Windows Nikon DSLR for Windows

Sparkbooth 6.1 released

Today Sparkbooth 6.1 is officially released from beta.

New features and changes to 6.1 include:

  • Updated embedded web browser used to a modern version. Sparkbooth is no longer dependent on the version of Internet Explorer installed. Several services like SmugMug, Flickr, and Tumblr, no longer support Internet Explorer, so this fixes sign in for these services.
  • Updated for MacOS 10.15 (11.0 Big Sur compatibility coming) Catalina. Previous versions of Sparkbooth will not run on MacOS 10.15 (11.0 Big Sur compatibility coming) or later.
  • Improved webcam quality on MacOS.
  • Guests can select photo layouts of different photo size. For example, on the selection screen - guests can select either a portrait or square photo layout.
  • Added Telnyx and Vonage (formerly Nexmo) texting services to send photos to your guest's mobile devices.
  • Improved sticker drag, scale and rotate controls for the drawing screen
  • For Sparkbooth DSLR Canon, added support for new camera models including EOS RP, EOS Kiss X10 / EOS Rebel SL3 / EOS 250D / EOS 200D II, PowerShot G7X Mark III / PowerShot G5X Mark II, EOS M6 Mark II / EOS 90D, EOS M200.

To update or install 6.1, please download from the download page.

Sparkbooth Photo Layout Selection Screen with Different Photo Sizes

The recent Sparkbooth 6.1 update allows guests to select photo layouts of different photo sizes. Previously, guests could only select photo layouts of the same photo size (square, widescreen, portrait, etc.). Some changes that were made to allow this to happen:

  • The list of photo layouts is no longer separated by photo size. It is now one long list of layouts.
  • Under settings, you can filter photo layouts by photo size to help find a layout, but the list of favorite layouts still includes all photo sizes. If you want guests to only be able to select layouts of a single photo size type, you will have to un-favorite all the layouts of the other photo sizes.
  • In the photo layout lists, the name of the layout is followed by the photo size, paper size, and then orientation.
  • Under camera settings, the rotate camera settings is visible and applied regardless of the current photo size of the photo layout. Previously, rotating the camera only worked for portrait photo sized photo layouts. You can also select the photo size from camera settings to help position and adjust the camera for the various photo sizes.
  • It is recommended that you use the photo layout selection screen instead of the on-screen button since the user interface will change proportion to the photo size of the layout you have selected. If you use the button, the button will move as the proportion of the screen changes.

Download 6.1 Beta:

Sparkbooth 6.1 Beta WebView Update

This is the first release of the 6.1 beta.

The web browser view has been updated to a modern web browser standard. Previously for the Windows version, Sparkbooth used Internet Explorer web browser component for this. Many web sites, like SmugMug, Flickr, and Tumblr, are no longer supporting Internet Explorer. With this update, you will be able to sign into those web services without opening an external web browser. The new web view browser also has the benefit of signing out of Facebook and other services much faster.

The Mac version of Sparkbooth for this update is now 64-bit. With the upcoming MacOS Catalina release, 32-bit applications will no longer work on Mac.

Please download and give this beta a try and let me know if you find any issues.

Stay tuned for more updates and features.

Download 6.1 Beta:

With the latest Sparkbooth 6 update for Premium and DSLR licenses, stickers can be moved, resized, and rotated by guests. When a sticker is placed on the photo, the sticker will have touch controls for moving, resizing and rotating the sticker. Works great for applying virtual props to photos.

New Sparkbooth movable, resizable, and rotatable stickers and props

To allow guests to move, resize and rotate stickers, go to the Layout Editor and select the drawing area on the layout, and in the properties dialog enable "Make draggable". If the "Make draggable" settings is disabled, the stickers will be applied to the photo immediately instead of being movable.

New Sparkbooth drawing properties dialog

Sparkbooth 6 also comes with a set of image set of virtual props. In the stickers list, select "Props" to enable these new stickers.

New Sparkbooth props set


Check Out Sparkbooth 6

Sparkbooth DSLR

Sparkbooth DSLR 6 has been updated to support additional Canon and Nikon cameras.

Sparkbooth DSLR for Canon now supports EOS 5DS, EOS 5DS R, EOS 7D Mark II, EOS 80D, EOS Kiss M / EOS M50, EOS R, 1D C, EOS-1D Mark III, EOS-1D Mark IV, 1D X, EOS-1D X Mark II, EOS-1Ds Mark III, and PowerShot SX70 HS.

Sparkbooth DSLR for Nikon added support for D850, D5600, D7500, z6, and z7

Check Out Sparkbooth DSLR 6

Click to play video

Sparkbooth 6 now includes a mirror booth mode that plays video animations for your mirror photo booths. There is also a new drawing screen to allow your guests to sign, drawing, and apply stickers to their photos. Other new features include:

  • New modern flat button styles
  • New mirror booth mode. Customize with your own videos.
  • Drawing screen to allow guests to sign or draw on their photos. Can be used for photo booth or mirror booth mode.
  • New stickers to allow guests to apply sticker images. Customize with your own images.
  • New video countdowns. Additional video countdowns.
  • New gateway screen that can be used take payments or display survey before starting photo booth
  • New disclosure screen to display html or image files for privacy policies or other disclosures
  • Configure buttons to be display at top or bottom of screen
  • Display multiple screen overlays and green screens on selection screen
  • Use new Facebook service for uploading photos to business pages
  • Add additional prints to guests selected print copies from print prompt screen. Useful for ensuring you have a print for a photo book in addition to prints for guests.
  • New photo layout background generators
  • New media library for images in photo layout editor
  • New Gmail emailer
  • New Dropbox uploader
  • New Buffer.com uploader
  • New Google Photo uploader
  • New Google Drive uploader
  • Add EU server option for MailGun emailer
  • Improved Nikon component
  • New notifiers to send emails or texts when counters search configured limits
  • Add COUNTDOWN and TRIGGER to status file output when countdown or photo trigger is displayed
  • Export individual screen overlays, green screen backgrounds, and countdowns

Available in English, Español, Português, Français, Deutsch, 简体中文 and 繁體中文

Licenses purchased after January 15, 2018 already work with Sparkbooth 6 - just use your existing license key to unlock. If you purchase before, you can upgrade your license key at a discount.

Download and Try Today!

Sparkbooth DSLR

With latest update, Sparkbooth DSLR 5 now supports the Canon EOS T7i / 800D, 77D, 6D Mark II, and SL2.

Check Out Sparkbooth DSLR

Sparkbooth DSLR for Canon requires Windows 7 or newer. The latest version of Sparkbooth DSLR no longer supports Windows XP and Vista. If you have Windows XP or Vista, you can use the special version of Sparkbooth DSLR 4 which works for XP and Vista. This special version only supports Canon cameras up to T6i. If you have a newer Canon camera model, you will need to upgrade your operting system to Windows 7 or newer to use the latest Sparkbooth DSLR.

Download Sparkbooth DSLR 4 for Windows XP and Vista

Be sure to update to the latest version of Sparkbooth 5 which includes the following changes and fixes:

  • Get all SmugMug albums
  • Add refresh and sort albums for Evernote, Facebook Post Share, Flickr, Imgur, ShootProof, SmugMug and Zenfolio settings
  • Resized uploaded images should save with jpg extension
  • Send to Guest upload status should use selected uploader rather than 'Your Service'
  • Fade out overlapping animated text prompts
  • Only upload errors are displayed as notifications
  • Fix display split layouts in layout selection screen
  • Fix layout editor print preview for display split and duplicate print layouts
  • Fix Evernote login
  • Fix ShootProof event selection
  • Fix crash when camera disconnects and brighten live view is enabled
  • Fix skipping GIF generation if print is canceled from prompt screen
  • Fix settings export for bad images

To update, start Sparkbooth 5 with an online connection, and you will be prompted to update. If you have Sparkbooth 4 or below, you can download and upgrade your license to Sparkbooth 5.

Click to play video

Sparkbooth 5.0 is a major update. Changes include:

  • Add Spanish, German, French, or Brazilian Portuguese language support
  • DSLR supports Nikon cameras
  • Portrait mode for tall/vertical screens including camera rotation
  • Animationed text prompts
  • Animated text countdown
  • Photo trigger with no countdown option
  • Retake photos in session
  • Add bevel, glow, drop shadow effects to photo layout editor
  • Add layout editor view zooming
  • Settable photo layout background color
  • Photo layout pre-rendering to speed up layout generation
  • Display duplicate layout as single strip
  • Print layout as doubled strip
  • Allow upside down configuration of camera
  • Setting for camera flash color and transparency
  • Custom countdown audio so you can add voice clips for 1, 2, 3...
  • Custom countdown images so you can use your own images
  • Use screensaver instead of cover screen
  • Video and animated text screensaver and cover screens
  • Post animated GIFs to Facebook
  • Use animated GIFs for screen overlays or green screen backgrounds
  • Add rewind / boomerang gif animation option
  • Add subfolder options for saving singles, originals, and GIFs
  • Add create subfolder options for startup only or hours after midnight
  • Add popup animation to selected layout on selection screen
  • Add option to show multiple layouts on selection screen
  • Add 'None' theme for no background or frames around video and thumbnail previews
  • And more...

All licenses purchased after July 1, 2016, will activate and unlock Sparkbooth 5. If you purchased before, you can upgrade your license key.

Download Sparkbooth 5

Thanks to Joe of A1 Photo Booth for the what's new video

After months of testing, 4.3 is now available to download. This is primarily a stability and memory optimization update with a few new features like:

  • Sparkbooth DSLR now supports Canon T6 / 1300D. Please update your camera's firmware.
  • Faster and improved settings import and export. Including smaller file size, less memory usage, and fix for encoding large and corrupt images.
  • Add limited GIF uploading
  • Display GIF animations in previews and prompts
  • Disable printing temporarily setting 0 prints via shortcut
  • Add password confirmation for lock mode
  • Add setting to toggle lock mode with close mode short cut
  • See 4.3 beta release notes for a full list of changes

This is a free update for all Sparkbooth 4 license holders. You can download 4.3 now, or update from Sparkbooth 4.x.

The Sparkbooth 4.3 beta is now available to download and try out. Here are some of the changes in this major update:

  • Sparkbooth DSLR now supports Canon T6 / 1300D
  • Faster and improved settings import and export. Including smaller file size, less memory usage, and fix for encoding large and corrupt images.
  • Add limited GIF uploading
  • Display GIF animations in previews and prompts
  • Disable printing temporarily setting 0 prints via shortcut
  • Add password confirmation for lock mode
  • Add setting to toggle lock mode with close mode short cut
  • Resolve some freezing issues when taking photos
  • Optimize memory usage
  • See release notes for a full list of changes

This is a free update for all Sparkbooth 4 users. Please try it out and let me know if you see any issues.

Download Now

Happy Thanksgiving!

Click to play demo video

Sparkbooth and Sparkbooth DSLR 4.2 are now officially released. This is a free update to all Sparkbooth 4 and DSLR license holders. To update either run Sparkbooth check for updates, or go to the download page. Some of the many new features include:

  • [Premium, DSLR] Green screen to dynamically replace backgrounds with your own images. To access this feature, go to Camera settings (press ctrl-3 to display) and enable from the Green Screen drop down list. This feature is only available to Premium and DSLR licenses. Please note, the green screen feature for webcams remains as an experimental beta - it only recommended for DSLR cameras. Sparkbooth green screen settings
  • [Premium, DSLR] Add green screen background selection keyboard shortcut, button and screen
  • [Premium, DSLR] Add keyboard shortcut to toggle green screen feature
  • [DSLR] Add support for Canon T6s and T6i cameras
  • [DSLR] Shutter speed setting to handle dark live view Sparkbooth dark liveview settings
  • Add button maker layouts and screen overlay
  • Faster animated GIF generation
  • Add animated GIF delay setting
  • Improved support for using wireless presentation remotes to start sessions, and configurable actions for the next and previous buttons. Wireless remote
  • [Premium, DSLR] Add keyboard shortcut to temporally change print copies for session
  • [Premium, DSLR] Customize actions for up and down arrow keyboard shortcuts
  • Automatically create new Facebook photo album when photo limit setting is reached
  • Add Facebook "Post to Account Page then Share" upload option. Posts the photo to the configured Facebook account or page, then your guests can share the post from their Facebook account. Using this option does not require Facebook app review for Custom Facebook apps
  • Update to SmugMug 2.0 upload service
  • [Premium, DSLR] Faster Photo Kiosk file cache reloading. If you restart Photo Kiosk, it will start up quicker without having to rebuild the cache.
  • New Twitter upload option to @reply guest's Twitter account
  • Send Photo Later for Guest Twitter uploads
  • [Premium, DSLR] Add prompts to Photo Kiosk mode
  • [Premium, DSLR] Submit email addresses to MailChimp mailing lists in Photo Kiosk mode
  • [Premium, DSLR] Add counters to Photo Kiosk mode to track prints and uploads
  • Add data import and export Send Photo Later queue
  • Add Santa Claus voice
  • Add image folder setting to slideshow cover screen
  • [Premium, DSLR] Add new print prompt options for guest selectable copies. "Display Doubled Copies" is designed for duplicate layouts, so 1 printed copy is shown as 2 copies in print prompt. "Even Numbered Copies Only" is used for printers that prints an strips on 1 sheet and cuts into 2 copies, so this setting can be used to prevent a blank half sheet.
  • Other changes and improvements. See the release notes for details.

Sparkbooth image cover screen

  • Start screens. Option to replace on-screen button with separate screens to select photo layouts, photo effects, and screen overlays
  • Cover screen options to display a start image or slideshow of photos. Use this for Sparkbooth DSLR to turn off LiveView in between session
  • Update Facebook log in screen and uploader to Facebook's 2.0 service
  • Post to Facebook event page
  • Photo layout reset options to select next or random layout for next guest
  • Twilio SMS can now send photo links uploaded to you Facebook, SmugMug, or Flickr accounts
  • New Mogreet MMS and SMS uploader
  • New ZenFolio uploader
  • Send Photo Later can throttle uploads due for services with rate limits
  • Send all photos to an account email. Great for websites with "post by email" photo galleries like SquareSpace or Wordpress
  • Reset Layout Editor customizations for a photo layout - removing any images and text objects
  • Doubled limit of image and text customizations for Personal license users
  • Added counters for Facebook, Twitter, emailing, SMS
  • Submit emails to MailChimp from Send Photo Later queue
  • Keyboard enabled prints count on print prompt screen using arrow keys
  • Hide photo layouts
  • Workaround for Twitter login service changes
  • Click to update from notification
  • Name and re-order counter by dragging and dropping in list
  • Fix Mac Developer ID for Mac installs
  • Other optimizations and fixes

Sparkbooth DSLR 4.1 includes all the above plus:

  • Support for Canon T5 / 1200D
  • Improved and optimized LiveView memory and CPU usage
  • New DSLR app icon
  • Fix white LiveView screen

Download Sparkbooth

The new Counters feature is allows you to tracks the number of prints, sessions, and uploads, and can be used to trigger some actions when those counters hit a set limit like to closing the photo booth or disabling printing. Here is a short view explaining this feature

Click to play video

There are also a couple new photo effects

Pop Art Photo Effect

Comic Book Photo Effect

A new stand in screen overlay

Stand in screen overlays

Complete list of changes in this update:

  • Print, session, upload counters with actions
  • Add pop art and comic book photo effect
  • Start session with presentation remote
  • Send It Later queue filters based on selected uploader
  • Sent It Later now separate tab in Photo Kiosk
  • Send It Later SMS more accessible in Photo Kiosk
  • Submit emails to mailing list (MailChimp) from Send It Later
  • Added new stand in screen overlays
  • Ding sound plays on reprint
  • Sort screen overlays by favorites
  • About status includes Send to Account, Send to Guest, and Send Photo Later
  • Hide buttons if no text is set
  • Fix on screen keyboard issues with Pinterest
  • Fix camera setting import
  • Fix session freezing due to camera error
  • Add enable mailing list setting so you can disable mailing list submission without logging out of MailChimp
  • Facebook uploader should check for Create Content permission for page
  • [DSLR] Detect DSLR settings for better warnings
  • [DSLR] Fix disabling sound effect when shooting with DSLR

Download Sparkbooth

Click to play video

Sparkbooth 4 and DSLR has been updated. Changes since the initial release include:

  • Add "Beach Ocean Scenes" screen overlays (see video above)
  • Add on screen button labels
  • Improved printer settings for clarity
  • Improved prompt setting for clarity
  • Fix on screen keyboard display for portrait screens
  • Add Send to Twilio from Send It Later
  • Prevent queueing of same data into Send It Later
  • Fix telephone format mask prompt
  • Unified prompts to prevent multiple prompts for same information
  • Fix saving of telephone prompt to log
  • Fix Send It Later queueing
  • Fix max font size of Layout Creator text
  • Select file dialogs opens from last folder
  • Fix copy and paste ordering in Layout Creator
  • Fix numeric stepper control to show integer values
  • Fix widescreen photo layout rendering
  • Other improvements and minor bugs squashed

Download Sparkbooth

Additional changes for Sparkbooth DSLR Beta

  • Improve handling of AF LiveView start-up and re-starts
  • Add LiveView shutdown and timeout options
  • Turn off LiveView when not being used
  • Add LiveView Stand By start screen overlay
  • Webcam photo or External flash camera settings options take without re-apply
  • Add option to help trigger external flash
  • Add support for Canon 70D

Download Sparkbooth DSLR

Click to play video

Sparkbooth is now even easier to use! Check out these new features:

  • Easy layout customization with graphics and text objects
  • Integrated Layout Editor to create your own layouts [requires Premium license]
  • Integrated Photo Kiosk mode
  • Start screen settings (ctrl-2)
  • Send photos to guest and your account or page in the same session
  • Twilio SMS and MMS uploader in photo booth and album view [requires Premium license]
  • Pinterest uploader in photo booth and album view
  • New screen overlays to display images over video and composite on photos
  • Custom theme to use your own images in screen background.
  • New themes like Fire, Pirate, Football
  • New themed layouts for Pirate and Football
  • Custom filenames
  • Change start and prompt text font
  • New countdown styles
  • Count downs are positionable top, center, or bottom
  • Make animated gifs [requires Premium license]
  • Unfavorite all layouts by ctrl + Favorite button (cmd on Mac)
  • In Photo Layout settings. Page Up and Down to select. Delete to delete selected
  • In Layout Creator. Page Up and Down to select.
  • Import and export handles layouts and screen overlays
  • Change screen overlay shortcut to ctrl-O or with on-screen button
  • All themes changed to use less memory
  • Larger on screen keyboard

Download Sparkbooth

Sparkbooth 4 is a paid upgrade. You can purchase an upgrade for $10 off for the month of November. If you purchased in the last 30-days, your license key will already work with Sparkbooth 4.

Last week Facebook made a change to their sign in process that affected Sparkbooth's ability to upload photos to Facebook. Sparkbooth, Sparkbooth Photo Kiosk, and Sparkbooth DSLR have been updated to handle this change. Please update if you use the Facebook uploaders in any of those applications.

Sparkbooth 3.8.9 update is now available. This update allows you always send photos into the Send It Later queue regardless of the selected uploader. So you can select the one of the "Guest" uploaders to allow guests to post photos to their own Facebook or Twitter accounts. Then later after the event, you can upload all the queued photos to your Facebook page or other location.

To use this feature:

  1. Go to Sparkbooth Settings
  2. Go to Uploading and select "Guest Upload Chooser", "Guest Facebook", or "Guest Twitter"
  3. Check the option at the bottom of to "Queue into Send It Later"

Now as photos are taken, guests will be given the option to upload to their Facebook or Twitter account, and the photo will be queued in "Send It Later". After the event, you can go to the "Send It Later" upload settings and upload photo to a Facebook page or other upload location.

Download Sparkbooth

Baseball photo booth theme and layouts

New Baseball theme and layouts for Sparkbooth 3.8. Just in time for baseball season!

Download Sparkbooth

Easter photo booth theme and layouts

New Easter theme and layouts are now available in Sparkbooth. This update also includes:

  • Tweak layout of login and prompt screens
  • Fix color filter selection and reset

Download Sparkbooth

Just in time for your Oscar Night party this weekend! Sparkbooth now includes a Hollywood Award theme and layouts.

Hollywood Awards Theme for Oscars Party

Download Sparkbooth

Sparkbooth maintenance update changes include:

  • Optimized several themes to improve CPU usage. If you were experiencing slow downs with some themes, please update.
  • Added camera setting to flip video vertically. Some Windows 8 laptop webcam are sending video upside down. Go to Camera settings and check "Flip vertically" to correct the video
  • Fixed saving of Custom Uploader settings
  • Fixed urls in help links
  • Improved Mac update installer

Download Sparkbooth

Announcing Sparkbooth 3.6! This update works with the Sparkbooth Layout Creator. Sparkbooth Layout Creator is a visual drag and drop editor for creating your own photo layouts / templates. The Layout Creator is free to all Commercial license customers. There are also new features for Consumer license customers, check out the change list below!

Click to play video
Facebook Like Dialog
Facebook like dialog and Chinese New Year theme
Follow Twitter
Automatically follow Twitter account
Chinese New Year Layouts
Chinese New Year photo layouts

Changes in this release:

  • Chinese New Year theme and photo layouts
  • Hypnotic animated loading messages
  • Cycle through different Twitter tweet texts. Under Captions setting for Twitter uploaders, separate tweet text by using ";". This will help with Twitter preventing tweets of the same value
  • [Commercial] Guest Facebook upload can display Like dialog for your Facebook Page. After guests post the photo to their Facebook account, they can "Like" your Facebook Page. Increase fans for your Facebook page! This is a Commercial feature you can enable under Setting > Commercial. Do not forget there is already an automatic Twitter Follow option under Commercial settings!
  • [Commercial] Import Sparkbooth Layout files created using Layout Creator. Try out the Sparkbooth Layout Creator now.
  • Other minor fixes and optizations Upgrade to Sparkbooth 3.6 from 3.5 by pressing the update link on the About screen, or press the Download button below.

Download Sparkbooth

Click to play video

Sparkbooth 3.5.51 update includes:

  • New Years Eve theme
  • Optimize Winter Holiday theme
  • New photo layouts with backgrounds (New Years Eve, Winter Holiday, Thanksgiving, Halloween)
  • [Commercial Only] Automatically follow Twitter account for Guest Twitter uploader
  • New upload image

Download Sparkbooth

Click to play video

Sparkbooth 3.5.50 update includes:

  • New Holiday Winter theme
  • Send It Later is now an email option for the Photo Album. Great for sending emails later if you do not have an internet connection during the event.
  • Import/export settings. Go to Settings > Commercial > scroll download to Import/Export Configurations. Use this to copy your Sparkbooth settings between computers. Note: Does not export save locations, layout backgrounds, layout overlays, camera selection, printer selection, custom voice mp3s.
  • Auto create save subfolders. Go to Settings > Saving > check 'Create new subfolder per day'. Useful for automatically clearing photo album of previous day's photos.
  • Enable printer setup on start up. Go to Settings > Printing > check 'Printer setup dialog on start'. Use this if you need to configure your printer using Sparkbooth's printer Setup and Test
  • Add configuration links in Photo Album settings
  • Do not disable email in Guest Upload Chooser if emailer is not ready
Winter Holiday Template 1
Winter Holiday Template 1
Winter Holiday Template 2
Winter Holiday Template 2

Download Sparkbooth

Click to play video
  • New Fall/Thanksgiving Theme
  • Photo Album sharing button replaced by separate Facebook, Twitter, and Email buttons
  • Photo Album sharing settings moved to Settings > Photo Album > Sharing
  • Fix Facebook upload login
  • Do not display upload error on skip
  • Fix video disconnect after switching themes
  • Fix button position of prompts for small screens
  • Fix cancel shortcut disabled if color shortcut was disabled
  • Fix prompt form skipping

And here are a couple Thanksgiving backgrounds for the square "2 x 2 Top, 4 x 6 Portrait".

Thanksgiving Template 1
Thanksgiving Template 1
Thanksgiving Template 2
Thanksgiving Template 2

Download Sparkbooth

Sparkbooth 3.5.44 is now available for download. Changes include:

  • Album button show thumbnail of last photo
  • Resized layout preview to fit inbetween buttons
  • MailChimp subscribe results logged to sparkbooth-mailchimp.txt
  • Photo upload results logged to sparkbooth-upload.txt
  • Fix display 'spacebar to begin' message on start up
  • Fix virtual keyboard focus at end of text input
  • Notifications can be formatted
  • Will automatically initialize online services when computer goes online

Download Sparkbooth

Click to play video

This update adds a new Halloween theme and Witch voice to Sparkbooth. To enable, go to Settings > General > Theme > select "Halloween", and Settings > Voice > select "Witch". Hope you enjoy this new theme and matching photo layout background:

Halloween template for 2 x 2 Top, 4 x 6 Portrait
Halloween template for 2 x 2 Top, 4 x 6 Portrait
Click to play video

This update also includes a number of changes to the Photo Album:

  • In Photo Album Kiosk, it displays a notification when the connection to a remote folder is not available. And will recover the connection when the remote folder is available again.
  • New "Home" button on the Photo Album screen to help jump back to the first page with the most recent photos.
  • New Photo Album maximum thumbnail setting (go to Settings > Photo Album). If you are experiencing lock ups, it could be too many photos are being loaded at once. Use this setting to reduce the number of thumbnails display which will use less memory and might prevent lock up issues

Download Sparkbooth

Click to play video

Changes to 3.5.37 include:

  • Today Facebook will be enforcing breaking changes to their authentication process. This affects the Commercial custom Facebook app sign in. Facebook has also started showing a scary the security warning text on their sign in success page. This update fixes the custom Facebook app for these changes, and you will no longer see the security warning. If you have previously setup a custom Facebook app, you will need to add an application domain at http://developer.facebook.com/apps for your app and add a callback url in Sparkbooth. The video tutorial for creating and setting up your custom Facebook app has been updated for this. If you have an existing Facebook app, here are some update instructions.
  • New prompt setting to allow photo to be sent to multiple accounts (by emails, guest Facebook, guest Twitter, or Send It Later prompts). Go to Settings > Prompts > check "Upload photo to another account". This is useful for sending the same photo to multiple guests.
  • "Send It Later" uploader has option to not clear uploaded photos. This option is useful if you want to upload photos to more than one destination. For example, if you had prompted for email address - you can now email guests their photos, and then upload to your Facebook page
  • Remove delay between count down and photo being taken. Previously there was a half second delay from the end of the count down to photo being taken.
  • Auto enable Show banner when selecting banner image.

Download Sparkbooth

Click to play video

Sparkbooth 3.5.35 is now available. Changes include:

  • Improve layouts for small screens (smaller than 800 x 600)
  • Add touch/hold lower left corner to toggle lock. Useful for touch screen users!
  • Auto lock app on start up option
  • Re-enable virtual keyboard to app lock password
  • Cancel session during prompts and preview
  • Improve refreshing of album mode
  • Ready email provider for Guest Upload Chooser
  • Spaced not allowed in settings url and api input fields
  • Spaces not allowed in license unlock dialog
  • Ctrl+F should not toggle fullscreen when locked
  • Prevent minimizing when locked

Download Sparkbooth

Sparkbooth 3.5.33 is now available. This is a maintenance update to address the following:

  • Hide toolbar on app lock
  • Re-display start message after changing photo effect
  • Re-enable click/touch to start setting
  • Re-enable reprint keyboard shortcut
  • Optimize layout selection button and keyboard shortcut
  • Photo layout list sorted by favorites, paper size, and name
  • Change 'Video' tab to 'Photo Effects' to avoid confusion
  • View save folders in Saving options
  • View log.txt in Prompts options
  • Layout button should show same preview layout
  • Preview layout should update when background or overlay is changed
  • Prompted data correctly saves to log.txt
  • Mandrill logout clears access key - preventing logging back into Mandrill
  • Settings dialog now displays in small window
  • Add background to photo album page label for readability
  • Fix 'Guest Uploader Chooser' uploader

Download Sparkbooth

Sparkbooth 3.5 screenshot
Sparkbooth 3.5 screenshot

Sparkbooth 3.5 is now available in both Consumer and Commercial editions. Both deliver an easy and affordable way to set up an instant photo booth at any location or special event. The new Commercial edition includes advanced capabilities for event planners, business professionals and service providers.

Change new to Sparkbooth 3.5:

  • New animations for countdown and previews
  • Added new Retro theme
  • Added Photobucket uploader
  • Added Google+ / Picasa uploader
  • Added more 4 x 8 layouts
  • No longer need to pre-install Adobe AIR runtime
  • Commercial only features:
    • Photo album kiosk mode
    • Take wide 4 x 6 photos, not just square photos
    • Customize Facebook uploader share link
    • Customize Twitter uploader share link

Sparkbooth 3.5 is available immediately. The Consumer edition is priced at $59, and the Commercial edition at a special introductory price of $100. Free trial versions are available for both.

If you have already own a Sparkbooth 3 license, this is a free upgrade. Sparkbooth 3.5 is a separate install, so you will need to activate it with your license key. If you want to upgrade your license key to a Commercial license key, please stay tune - upgrade pricing will be available soon.

Download Sparkbooth

Facebook recently made some changes to their service that affected the Facebook uploaders in Sparkbooth. Sparkbooth 3.4.28 addresses these changes which include:

  • Clear previous Facebook session for "Guest Facebook" uploader. So the previous guest's email is no longer displayed on the sign in screen.
  • Fix "Malformed access token" error when signing into Facebook.
  • Fix saving of max guest print setting
  • Prevent application minimize when locked

Download Sparkbooth

Sparkbooth 3.4.26 is a maintenance update to fix a few issues:

  • Print button in Photo Album/Gallery screen now displays "Printing" message
  • Skipping share in Photo Album/Gallery screen no longer displays "Not Uploaded" message
  • Guest Twitter uploader has caption setting
  • Fixed authentication error message for Flickr and SmugMug, so you can see why the sign in failed
  • Fixed Flickr uploader to allow sign in via Google or Facebook
  • Improved handling of photo saving so if folder path does not exist, it will be created

Download Sparkbooth

Sparkbooth 3.4.22 update for SmugMug, Flickr, and Guest Selection uploaders. Changes include:

  • Improved Guest Selector uploader
  • Improved Flickr authorization
  • Improved SmugMug authorization

Download Sparkbooth

The Sparkbooth 3.4.20 update provides some changes to the Facebook and Guest Facebook uploaders to handle changes to Facebook apps. Facebook provides apps 2 weeks before expiring access. So you will need to re-authenticate your access periodically. The Facebook uploader now shows this expire date. Please update if you use the Facebook uploader.

Download Sparkbooth

Evernote devcup logo
Evernote Logo

The Sparkbooth 3.4.17 update adds Evernote as an upload option. Connect your Evernote account to Sparkbooth, and photos will be added to your Evernote notebook as notes. The best thing is you can share your notebook online, so your guests and friends can view the photos.

Download Sparkbooth

The Sparkbooth 3.4.14 update provides a workaround for the distorted video issue on Macs with Adobe AIR 3.2 and 3.3. It is still recommended to use Adobe AIR 3.1 on Macs for better video.

Download Sparkbooth

The Sparkbooth 3.4.13 update is a maintenance update to fix the following issues:

  • Fixed tumblr uploader on Macs
  • Removed F key shortcut for toggling fullscreen mode. Please use F7 instead.
  • Fix Facebook uploader prompted sign in on start up. Facebook recently removed offline permissions which caused this issue.
  • Remove apps from Facebook uploader. Facebook no longer allows photo uploads to an app, please use an app page instead.

Download Sparkbooth

Sparkbooth 3.4.11 is a maintenance update to fix a few minor bugs:

  • Fix hidden mouse cursor in Guest Chooser Uploader. If guest presses either Facebook, Twitter, or Email, the mouse cursor remains hidden on the next screen.
  • Default Camera setting is no longer turned on by default for Macs. Please update to Adobe AIR 3.1 to enable multi-webcam selection. Do not update to Adobe AIR 3.2, because of video distortion issue.
  • Added "Always hide buttons/toolbar" warning

Download Sparkbooth

Maintenance update to fix some minor issues:

  • Notification is displayed on start up with instructions to display settings dialog if you have the buttons toolbar hidden
  • Fix exiting of fullscreen when Sparkbooth is locked and pressing ESC in a prompt
  • Fix canceling when dialog is displayed

Download Sparkbooth

Minor update to check and provide workarounds for some Adobe AIR related issues:

Download Sparkbooth

Maintenance update to fix a couple issues:

  • Fix Flickr uploader
  • Prevent resizing of fullscreen window

Download Sparkbooth

Sparkbooth print prompt screen
Sparkbooth print prompt screen

Just a small fix for the print prompt dialog which does not print for some printers like the Canon Selphy.

Download Sparkbooth

Send It Later Uploader Settings
Send It Later Uploader Settings

With the new "Send It Later" feature, you can now queue up photos to be uploaded at a later time. This is great if you don't have an internet connection available during your event. Photos and prompted information will be automatically saved. Post-event when you do have access to the internet, you can select an uploader and send all the queued photos. Note: "Send It Later" will work with all the uploaders except for the Guest uploaders.

Click to play video

Download Sparkbooth

Minor maintenance is now available. Changes include:

  • Fixed application updater
  • Start button will automatically shrink to fit label within video display
  • Offline sign in warning text is now customizable
  • Online indicator on About tab

Download Sparkbooth

Sparkbooth Photo Album

Changes include:

  • New photo album feature to allow your guests to view, upload, or print previously taken photos. See demo video below.
  • Improved handling of offline messaging
  • Fixed license permission issue with Mac Snow Leopard and Lion OS
  • Fixed handling of corrupted overlay and/or background image files for photo layouts
  • Improved error logging
  • Other minor bug fixes
Click to play video

Download Sparkbooth

Sparkbooth 3.2.4 is now available for download. Changes in this maintenance update include:

  • Fix low disk space message
  • Fix ability to cancel Guest upload chooser screen by pressing ESC key
  • Optimize image file sizes

Download Sparkbooth

Sparkbooth 3.2.2 is now available. Changes include:

  • Guest Twitter uploader can now use non-Twitter photo hosting service. The Twitter photo hosting service is sometimes unavailable or over loaded - when this happens you can use a different photo hosting service like Twitrpix or others. To configure the photo hosting service, select the Guest Twitter uploader in the Upload settings tab.
  • Twitter uploader now displays media upload limits. Twitter limits the number of photo uploaded to its site per Twitter account - you can see the current daily limit by selecting the Twitter uploader in the Upload settings tab. If you need more uploads per account, please use another Twitter photo service like Twitrpix which has no daily limit.
  • Twitter uploader returns more specific error messages to let you know if the Twitter photo upload service is unavailable or overloaded.
  • Improved tumblr uploader - easier to use
  • Guest Facebook and Twitter sign in input fields have focus on display. You no longer need to click on the sign in fields before typing.
  • More consistent upload status messages.
  • Smaller file size
  • Other minor fixes

Download Sparkbooth

This Maintenance update includes the following changes:

  • More controls converted for better display
  • Fixed email input field to accept "_" characters
  • Fixed shift key toggle of virtual keyboard

Download Sparkbooth

Small maintenance update to improve the drawing of the touch screen controls on smaller screens. With this update the touch screen controls are no longer look pixelated when shrink down.

Download Sparkbooth

Guest Upload Chooser Screen
Guest Upload Chooser Screen

Sparkbooth 3.2.0 is now available. With this update, you can now let your guests choose where to send their photos. They will be presented with the option to upload the photo to their Facebook or Twitter account, or sent to their email address. To enable this feature, select "Guest Upload Chooser" in the settings Upload tab. If you want to email, you will need to select either SendGrid or Postmark for the email service, and provide your account credentials for the service.

Other changes include:

  • New look for touch controls.
  • Fixed display of virtual keyboard for email
  • New portrait images for layout selection preview. To re-generate the layout previews using the new portraits, go to Settings > select Options tab > select User Controls from drop down list > press the Reset button under Photo Layout Selection.
New Touchscreen Controls
New Touchscreen Controls

Download Sparkbooth

Sparkbooth 3.1.2 maintenance update is now available for download. Changes include:

  • Fixed issues with lock password dialogs
  • Favorited photo layouts are now marked with heart instead of *
  • Change 4 x 8 layout names

Download Sparkbooth

Guest Facebook Uploader with virtual keyboard

Sparkbooth 3.1.1 update is now available. Changes in this update includes:

  • Virtual keyboard is now enabled for the Guest Facebook and Twitter uploaders.
  • Remaining time pauses when guest is typing.
  • Email input field is limited to only valid email characters. So you can no longer accidentally enter spaces.

Download Sparkbooth

Select Photo Layout Screen
Select Photo Layout Screen
Guest Prompt Screen
Guest Prompt Screen
Print Prompt Screen
Print Prompt Screen

Today Sparkbooth 3 moves from preview to released status. If you have never tried Sparkbooth 3, here are the changes and new features available:

  • Updated to Adobe AIR 2.7 runtime. Please install the latest Adobe AIR runtime 2.7 or later.
  • Submit emails to MailChimp mailing lists. To turn on this option, go to Settings, select Option tab, select Saving from list and check the "Submit email to MailChimp mailing list" option. You will need to also select the Prompt for email option.
  • SendGrid uploader to email photos to guests. Select this option in Uploaders settings.
  • Postmarkapp.com uploader to email photos to guests. Select this option in Uploaders settings.
  • Touch screen controls. To enable, go to Settings > Options tab > User Controls. Great when used with touch screen computers such as the HP TouchSmart
  • On-screen keyboard used for user prompts.
  • On-screen photo layout selection and layout preview, so your users can now select the layout to use. Only layouts marked as "Favorite" will be displayed.
  • On-screen color button so guests can change video filters.
  • On-screen start button as an alternative to the "Click to start" option.
  • Guest photo layout selection with touch screen or keyboard (ctrl-J or cmd-J). Limit available photo layouts by tagging as "favorite" (heart button) under Photo Layouts tab.
  • Change the portrait photo used in the layout selection preview
  • On-screen control for guest to select number of print copies. Also works with keyboard (ctrl-P or cmd-P, or minus/plus keys).
  • On-screen cancel button
  • Switch off click/touch to start, if start button is displayed
  • Limit available guest selectable video colors by color button or keyboard (ctrl-K or cmd-K) and option to reset to default color.
  • Hide distracting photos and video during user name/email prompts
  • Improved user prompts - bigger and cleaner
  • Option to always hide mouse cursor. Useful for touch screen users.
  • Enable Facebook fan page albums selection.
  • Upload photos to your guest's Facebook account or Twitter stream.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Download Sparkbooth

If you are running Sparkbooth on a low memory or low powered computer, it is recommended you stay with Sparkbooth 2. Sparkbooth 2 is still available for download on the archive page.

If you are a Sparkbooth 2 user and want to upgrade to Sparkbooth 3, you will need to go to the download page to install it. It is a separate install from Sparkbooth 2, so you can have both installed at the same time. Your existing license key will activate Sparkbooth 3.

If you are a Sparkbooth Party Edition user, you will need to purchase an upgrade to activate Sparkbooth 3. Please contact me for details, and provide the email address of your Sparkbooth PE license key.

This update fixes:

  • Saving of video color reset setting
  • Twitter Guest uploader ready state
  • On Macs, button bar sometimes would not appear on start up

Download Sparkbooth

Twitter guest login

New uploader to tweet photo booth photo to your guest's Twitter stream. Select "Twitter Guest" from Upload tab in Settings. This will prompt your guest to authorize uploading the photo to their Twitter account after the photo is taken. Other changes in Sparkbooth 3.0.12 include:

  • Fixed low space warning when save folders do not exist
  • Backup single photo to sparkbooth-photo folder if current save folder is unavailable

Download Sparkbooth

In time for your New Years Eve party, a maintenance update for Sparkbooth. Changes include:

  • Add help links to some settings
  • Backup single photo to sparkbooth-photo folder if current save folder is unavailable

Mostly a maintenance update. Changes include:

  • Fix layout display of wide photo layouts in print and upload preview.
  • Warn of low disk space if save folder drops below 10 MB of free space.
  • Add help links to some settings
  • Update sequence to save, print, prompt, upload, and then preview. As a result of this simplification, the "Show Preview At" setting has been removed.
  • Backup single photo to sparkbooth-photo folder if current save folder is unavailable

Sparkbooth 2.6.7 update is now available for download. Changes include:

  • Added Twitter uploader. You can now post photos directly to your Twitter account using Twitter's offical photo service.
  • Disable fullscreen hotkey (ctrl-F or cmd-F) when Sparkbooth is locked (ctrl-L or cmd-L).

Sparkbooth 3.0.7 preview update is now also available on the download page. This update includes all changes above plus all Sparkbooth 3 preview features and...

  • Change the portrait photo used in the layout selection preview
  • Added a couple 4 x 8 (perforated) photo layouts

Your Sparkbooth license key will also unlock this version. If you have a Sparkbooth Party Edition license key, please contact me about upgrading pricing if you want to unlock Sparkbooth 3.

Download Sparkbooth

Starting Oct 1, 2011, Facebook is requiring all applications to use OAuth 2.0 for their APIs. If you are using the Facebook uploader, please update to this version in order to continue to upload photos to Facebook.

Download Sparkbooth

Sparkbooth 2.6.3 and PE 2.5.3 are now available. This is just an administrative update to change the developer name to "JWP, LLC". There are no fixes or changes in this update, so it is not critical to download this update.

Changes for this update include:

  • Add setting to use default camera only. Some Dell computers with an internal Quanta webcam have a bad driver that is not compatible with Sparkbooth and will cause the error "Sparkbooth.exe has stopped working". You can use an external USB webcam instead, but need to disable the Quanta webcam from the computer's Device Manager and enable "Use Default Camera Only" in Sparkbooth Settings > Options tab > Other from list.
  • Fixed ctrl+L lock so password dialog does not add character on display.
  • Lock is not enabled on start up anymore if lock feature is turned on. You will need to press ctrl+L to enable.
  • Other optimizations and fixes.

To update, click on "Check for Updates" in the Sparkbooth About screen.

Maintenance update is now available for download. Changes include:

  • Fix saving of "Hide Buttons" settings
  • Photo layout backgrounds and overlay images are now cached. So you no longer need to keep the image file in the same location from where they were selected.
  • When selecting a save folder, Sparkbooth now verifies that it can save photos
  • New control skins

To update, please click the "Check for Updates" link in Sparkbooth About dialog.

This is a major release that includes any fixes including:

  • Improved memory usage. If you experienced any freezing or crashes, this will help.
  • Added new 3-photo landscape layouts
  • Other optimizations and bug fixes
  • No longer checks for updates on start up. Please use check update link in About dialog.
  • Updated Adobe licensing component. Changed to Try and Buy buttons

Download the update, or start up Sparkbooth to update your existing install.

Small maintenance release, changes includes:

  • Added secure Facebook login. If you use the Facebook uploader, you can setting your Facebook account to use secure login (https) with Sparkbooth. To turn on secure login, go to Facebook and sign into your account, in the upper-left select the Account menu, then Account Settings, and then Account Security. In the Account Security section, you can switch on https which will encrypt your sign in information.
  • Cleaned up camera sound
  • Upload log is now split by day

This is a maintenance release for:

  • Fix About screen on start up even though printer and uploader does not need configuring
  • Move photo booth statistics to About screen for easy viewing
  • Option to not display printer setup or About screen configuration on start up. Go to Settings > Options > Other, and uncheck "Enable start up configuration warnings"

Sparkbooth 2.5.10 and Sparkbooth PE 2.4.10 update is now available for download. This update includes:

  • Option to reset video color filter. Go to Settings > Options > Other and check the reset video color setting.
  • Option to change font size of on-screen messages. Go to Settings > On Screen Messages and use the Message Font Size slider.
  • Ability to cancel a photo session using ctrl-Z or cmd-Z. Go to Settings > Options > Other to enable this new feature.
  • Done message display time is adjustable. Go to Settings > Options > Count Down and Timing
  • Add status indicators to About screen to show if printing and uploader is ready and configured.
  • Add notification if background or overlay image is different size than photo layout.
  • Fix upload complete message for custom uploader.
  • Fix saving of Flicker caption message.

  • Facebook uploader logout button now clears browser session, so login form will be display the next time you need to log into Facebook. Deleting Facebook permissions is no longer needed to change login.
  • Revert back to new Facebook login form now that Facebook has fix their permission page.
  • Photo saving check if file path exists before saving. If path does not exist, photo will be saved to default "sparkbooth" folder in Documents folder.
  • Photo color names (Color, Black & White, Sepia, Fotomatic) can now be changed. Select F1 for Settings > select Options tab > select On Screen Messages in list.

  • Added "Fomomatic" video filter for plastic toy camera-like photos for your own Lomography photo booth.
  • Hide toolbar button option now hides all the time, not just on fullscreen
  • Add favorite photo layout setting. Favorite photo layouts are sorted to top of list.
  • Smoother snapshot transitions and animations
  • Faster application initialization on start up
  • Snapshot delay setting is now time between end of snapshot animation and start of voice prompt
  • Video filter name is now displayed when switch by hotkey ctrl+K or cmd+K at start screen

This is a maintenance release to improve printer setup:

  • The Test button in the printer settings will now always display the print dialog. This should allow you to setup any printer specific settings that are not available on the regular printer setup dialog.
  • When Sparkbooth starts with printing enabled, you can now setup printing or disable printing. If you choose printer setup, you can also display the print dialog after setup.

This is a maintenance release:

  • Photo layout settings control uses less memory.
  • Fix issue where the loading screen hangs on start up if the Flickr uploader is selected.
  • Tumblr uploader now works with accounts with multiple sites. Select the site to post photos by entering the correct tumblr.com url (i.e. yoursite.tumblr.com).
  • Posterous uploader renamed to "Posterous Twitter". Posterous has different upload APIs, the Posterous Twitter upload uses their Twitter authenticated API.
  • Allow negative print margins. This is useful in cases where the actually print area reported is different from actual. For example, if the top of your print is being cut off by 10 pixels. In this case, you will want to enter a top margin of 10px and bottom margin of -10px to push the entire photo down by 10px.
  • Change remaining comment character indicator.

Changes in this release:

  • Fix SmugMug gallery selection
  • Checks if printing is enable on start, and displays printer setup.
  • Prompted dialog text is now customizable
  • Added prompt for comment option. Comments will replace photo captions for photo uploads.
  • Prompted name, email, and comment values will be sent in custom uploader request
  • Cancel prompts with ESC or ctrl-Z
  • Re-enable Twitter name prompt with Twitter uploaders
  • Prevent exiting fullscreen when displaying settings.
  • Sparkbooth 2.4.x is now known as Sparkbooth PE (Party Edition). Sparkbooth 2.5 and Sparkbooth PE 2.4 are the same product, just different product SKUs.
  • Fixed updating of Sparkbooth 2.5. If you purchased 2.5.x, please update by pressing Download button from here.

More changes related to name change. Update the test image and fixed Posterous upload.

This release updates the application to its new name. Also includes several uploader changes related to the new name. Please update your installs. Thank you!

The application is in the process of being renamed. Please pardon the transition as the website and application are updated.

Sparkbooth 2.4 has been released. Changes in this release:

  • New preview animations. Select from 7 additional previews or set to random. Adjustable preview proof duration.
  • On screen messages will now display non-Latin unicode characters like Chinese, Japanese, and others.
  • Added option to disable update checks

Sparkbooth 2.3.4 has been released. The release added a Facebook uploader using the new Facebook Graph API. The old Facebook uploader in Sparkbooth still exists, but will eventually be deprecated and replaced by the Facebook Graph version. Fixes were also made to the Flickr uploader.

Sparkbooth 2.3.3 has been released. This is a minor maintenance release to fix hot key issues with reprint, change color, and locking/unlocking.

To download this update, please start Sparkbooth and you will be automatically prompted to install the update.

Sparkbooth 2.3.2 has been released. Changes include:

  • Switch ScreenTweet uploader to new OAuth API
  • TweetPhoto is now Plixi. Updated service urls for new domain
  • Use control-K or command-K to switch video/image color on “Press space bar to begin” screen
  • Print prompt dialog now shows print preview

Sparkbooth 2.3.1 has been released. This is a minor maintenance release to sort layout list by image size and title.

To download this update, please start Sparkbooth and you will be automatically prompted to install the update.

Sparkbooth 2.3 has been released. This is a major release and contains many new features:

  • Convert Twitter service uploaders to new OAuth authentication. On August 31th, Twitter turned off basic authentication which is used by all the Twitter upload services in Sparkbooth 2.2, so these upload services stopped working on that date. The conversion to OAuth will allow those upload services to continue to work.
  • Add yfrog uploader
  • Removed ScreenTweet, TwitDoc, and TwitSnaps uploaders since they do not support Twitter OAuth authentication requirement
  • New re-print feature. Press control-P or command-P to reprint the last photo during the “Press Spacebar to Begin” screen.
  • New application lock feature. When locked, users cannot quit the application, exit full screen, access settings or camera dialogs. Press control-L or command-L to toggle lock mode. Unlocking can be protected with a password.
  • Added 3-photo and 1-photo layouts. Sparkbooth can now handle less than 4 photo sessions.
  • Added video display-only theme. This is useful if you are using a 1-photo layout.
  • Added usage statistics to Settings > Options > Other
  • Fixed issue with clicking on “Press Spacebar to Begin” message to start photo session.
  • Add missing “2 x 2 Top, Portrait” layout
  • New 1 + 3 layouts
  • New 4 x 1 duplicate strip with logo layout
  • New 2” x 4” strip layout

To update, start Sparkbooth on your computer while connected to the internet and you will be prompted to install the update.

Sparkbooth 2.2.1 has been released. This is a maintenance release to add back the “2 x 2 Top, 4 x 6 Portrait” layout.

If you are running Sparkbooth 2.3 Beta, you do not need to install this update.

Changes in this release include:

  • New landscape layouts
  • Fix layout preview in layout settings
  • Add option to enable click to start
  • Fix centering of message display
  • Add option to automatically set print orientation
  • New photo layout rendering engine

Note: I accidentally excluded the “2 x 2 Top” layout, you can download the fix for that here. Sorry about that!

This is a maintenance release. Changes include:

  • Generates upload log. Some photo sharing services may not be reliable, so each photo’s upload status will be logged in the file “partybooth-upload.log” in your Documents folder. You can use this file to manually upload failed photos later.
  • Other minor bug fixes

If you have Sparkbooth installed, start the application to get this update.

Have a great July 4th weekend!

Changes include:

  • Add custom voice settings. Use your own mp3 audio files
  • Add customizable upload messages
  • Fixed TwitrPix and TweetPhoto uploads. Sorry about that!
  • Other minor bug fixes

If you have Sparkbooth installed, start the application to get this update.

Customize Onscreen Messages Dialog

Custom Voice Dialog

This is a maintenance release. Changes include:

  • Add print margin controls. If your system’s print dialog does not have configurable margins, use these settings instead.
  • Fixed Flickr authorization
  • Re-enable click to start on Sparkbooth 1.0 theme
  • Other minor bug fixes

If you have Sparkbooth installed, start the application to get this update.

What's new with Sparkbooth 2:

  • Print automatically without the print setup dialog displayed
  • New user interface and animated timer
  • New skin themes
  • New voice prompts
  • Customize all photo layouts with overlay and background
  • SmugMug uploads
  • Flickr uploads
  • Fix Facebook extended permissions
  • Minimum screen size is now 600px by 400px
  • More count down and timing options
  • Save individual photos
  • Customizable logo
  • Option to upload and print

If you have a license for Sparkbooth 1, you can update to Sparkbooth 2 for free. Just start-up the application and it will prompt you to update.

If you have Sparkbooth 2 beta installed, you will need to uninstall the beta before installing the release version of Sparkbooth 2. You may have to reactivate the install, here are a couple FAQ articles that may help you with activating or resetting your activations:



  • Add test button for output and uploaders
  • Count down timer goes 3, 2, 1
  • Set wait time for user prompts
  • Fixed photo filenaming issue
  • New EULA


  • New photo preview
  • Option for black & white, or sepia photos
  • Fix for photo layout rendering issues


  • Adjustable delay between shots
  • Option to show count down in between shots
  • New 2 x 4 photo layout. 1 x 4 photo with duplicate. Great for getting 2 copies in one printing.


  • Customize on-screen start, processing, and thank you messages. Great for customizing Sparkbooth for your event or language
  • Option to ask user for name and/or email for “Save to disk only”. Information is saved to delimited text file along with photo filename. Useful for sending photos to guest after the event.
  • Improved Facebook Connect sign-in process
  • Attempt to retry Facebook uploads if Facebook service is having problems
  • More user-interface refinements and improvements

This is a free update.


  • Improved memory usage
  • Sharper fonts and other user-interface improvements
  • Fixed issue where photos may not save with logo/background image
  • Updated to Adobe AIR 1.5.3

To update to this version, just run your existing installation of Sparkbooth, and you will be asked to update. Or download the update by clicking in “Install Now” button on the right-side.

If you have purchased Sparkbooth, this is a free update!


  • New photo layouts
  • Add custom image or logo to photos
  • Photos saved with higher resolution
  • Added ability to upload to Facebook and tumblr
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Fixes purchasing and activation issues


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Photo uploading to img.ly, Mobypicture, Posterous, ScreenTweet, TweetPhoto, TwitDoc, Twitgoo, TwitPic, twitrpix, and TwitSnaps
  • Adjustable camera settings
  • Longer trial period
  • Photos taken in trial mode contain watermark