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I need help testing the "Send It Later" feature in Sparkbooth 3.4. This new feature will allows you to queue up photos, and send them later when you have an internet connection.

Click to play video

If you find any issues, please send me a message

Starting today, August 31th, 2010, Twitter is switching off basic authentication for third-party services. This means all the Twitter upload services in Sparkbooth 2.2.1 or lower will no longer work. If you want to continue to use any of these Twitter upload services, please download and install Sparkbooth 2.3 Beta. TwitrPix, Img.ly, MobyPicture, Posterous, TweetPhoto, TwitGoo, TwitPic, and yFrog have all been updated to use the new OAuth authentication method now required by Twitter. Unfortunately, ScreenTweet, TwitDoc, and TwitSnaps have not updated their services to use the new authentication method, so they have been removed from Sparkbooth for now until they have been updated.

Changes include:

  • Add custom voice settings. Use your own mp3 audio files
  • Add customizable upload messages
  • Fixed TwitrPix and TweetPhoto uploads. Sorry about that!
  • Other minor bug fixes

If you have Sparkbooth installed, start the application to get this update.

Customize Onscreen Messages Dialog

Custom Voice Dialog

  • Photo uploading to img.ly, Mobypicture, Posterous, ScreenTweet, TweetPhoto, TwitDoc, Twitgoo, TwitPic, twitrpix, and TwitSnaps
  • Adjustable camera settings
  • Longer trial period
  • Photos taken in trial mode contain watermark