• New Fall/Thanksgiving Theme
  • Photo Album sharing button replaced by separate Facebook, Twitter, and Email buttons
  • Photo Album sharing settings moved to Settings > Photo Album > Sharing
  • Fix Facebook upload login
  • Do not display upload error on skip
  • Fix video disconnect after switching themes
  • Fix button position of prompts for small screens
  • Fix cancel shortcut disabled if color shortcut was disabled
  • Fix prompt form skipping

And here are a couple Thanksgiving backgrounds for the square "2 x 2 Top, 4 x 6 Portrait".

![Thanksgiving Template 1](/assets/2012/11/thanksgiving-photo-booth/thanksgiving-template-1-200x300.png "Thanksgiving Template 1")
Thanksgiving Template 1
![Thanksgiving Template 2](/assets/2012/11/thanksgiving-photo-booth/thanksgiving-template-2-200x300.png "Thanksgiving Template 2")
Thanksgiving Template 2

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