Sparkbooth 2.3 Beta is now available to try. You can download the beta from here. If you have a previous version of Sparkbooth installed, click the replace option during installation (the version is displayed as 2.2 in the install dialog). Changes in this beta include:

  • Convert Twitter service uploaders to new OAuth authentication. On August 31th, Twitter will be turning off basic authentication which is used by all the Twitter upload services in Sparkbooth 2.2. So these upload services will stop working on that date. Please use Sparkbooth 2.3 if you wish to continue using Twitter for uploads.
  • Add yfrog uploader
  • New re-print feature. Press control-P or command-P to reprint the last photo during the “Press Spacebar to Begin” screen.
  • New application lock feature. When locked, users cannot quit the application, exit full screen, access settings or camera dialogs. Press control+L or command+L to toggle lock mode. Unlocking can be protected with a password.
  • Fixed issue with clicking on “Press Spacebar to Begin” message to start photo session.
  • Add missing “2 x 2 Top, Portrait” layout
  • New 1 + 3 layouts
  • New 4 x 1 duplicate strip with logo layout
  • New 2” x 4” strip layout