Sparkbooth Photo Booth Software News

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Sparkbooth and Sparkbooth DSLR 4.2 are now officially released. This is a free update to all Sparkbooth 4 and DSLR license holders. To update either run Sparkbooth check for updates, or go to the download page. Some of the many new features include:

  • [Premium, DSLR] Green screen to dynamically replace backgrounds with your own images. To access this feature, go to Camera settings (press ctrl-3 to display) and enable from the Green Screen drop down list. This feature is only available to Premium and DSLR licenses. Please note, the green screen feature for webcams remains as an experimental beta - it only recommended for DSLR cameras.
    Sparkbooth green screen settings
  • [Premium, DSLR] Add green screen background selection keyboard shortcut, button and screen
  • [Premium, DSLR] Add keyboard shortcut to toggle green screen feature
  • [DSLR] Add support for Canon T6s and T6i cameras
  • [DSLR] Shutter speed setting to handle dark live view
    Sparkbooth dark liveview settings
  • Add button maker layouts and screen overlay
  • Faster animated GIF generation
  • Add animated GIF delay setting
  • Improved support for using wireless presentation remotes to start sessions, and configurable actions for the next and previous buttons.
    Wireless remote
  • [Premium, DSLR] Add keyboard shortcut to temporally change print copies for session
  • [Premium, DSLR] Customize actions for up and down arrow keyboard shortcuts
  • Automatically create new Facebook photo album when photo limit setting is reached
  • Add Facebook "Post to Account Page then Share" upload option. Posts the photo to the configured Facebook account or page, then your guests can share the post from their Facebook account. Using this option does not require Facebook app review for Custom Facebook apps
  • Update to SmugMug 2.0 upload service
  • [Premium, DSLR] Faster Photo Kiosk file cache reloading. If you restart Photo Kiosk, it will start up quicker without having to rebuild the cache.
  • New Twitter upload option to @reply guest's Twitter account
  • Send Photo Later for Guest Twitter uploads
  • [Premium, DSLR] Add prompts to Photo Kiosk mode
  • [Premium, DSLR] Submit email addresses to MailChimp mailing lists in Photo Kiosk mode
  • [Premium, DSLR] Add counters to Photo Kiosk mode to track prints and uploads
  • Add data import and export Send Photo Later queue
  • Add Santa Claus voice
  • Add image folder setting to slideshow cover screen
  • [Premium, DSLR] Add new print prompt options for guest selectable copies. "Display Doubled Copies" is designed for duplicate layouts, so 1 printed copy is shown as 2 copies in print prompt. "Even Numbered Copies Only" is used for printers that prints an strips on 1 sheet and cuts into 2 copies, so this setting can be used to prevent a blank half sheet.
  • Other changes and improvements. See the release notes for details.

Send Photo Later Import Export screenshot

With the latest 4.2 update, you can now import/export data into/from the "Send Photo Later" queue. This is great for backing up the queue, or if you need to re-upload photos.

To access this new feature, go to Settings and select "Send Photo Later", and note the new import and export buttons.

The import feature will import any of the tab-delimited files generated by Sparkbooth. If you have the prompts enabled, you can import the sparkbooth-prompts.txt. If you have uploads enabled, you can import the sparkbooth-uploads.txt file.

If you want to import the prompts or upload log from another computer, copy the photos folder over and set it as the layout folder under Settings > Saving before importing the log file.

Facebook post to account share settings screenshot

The 4.2.40 update includes some major features:

  • New Facebook "Post to Account Page then Share" guest upload option. Posts the photo to the configured Facebook account or page, then your guests can share the post from their Facebook account. Using this option does not require Facebook app review for custom Facebook apps.
  • Automatically create new Facebook photo albums if the 100 photo limit has been reached
  • Use new Facebook like dialog for pages. Facebook has retired the previous like dialog.
  • Fix chroma keying issue for green-ish blue and yellow colors
  • [DSLR] Add Canon EOS 7D Mark II support
  • [DSLR] Add Live View bulb mode setting for dark preview using external flash. This option requires enabling "Use external flash or AF", and camera set to M or Tv mode.
  • Other fixes and improvements. See release notes for all changes

Download Sparkbooth

Sparkbooth green screen background selector screenshot

New beta update 4.2.27 enables guest green screen selection. You can change backgrounds by enabling the keyboard shortcut, on-screen button, or selection screen. See release notes.

Download Sparkbooth

Photo kiosk prompt screen

New beta update 4.2.10 enables user surveys in photo kiosk mode so you can collect names, emails, telephone, or comments before printing or uploading photos. You can enable this new feature under Photo Kiosk Settings, then select Prompts. See release notes.

You can download the beta below. Note: this beta also include the new green screen feature, photo kiosk counters, and photo kiosk mailing lists.

Download Sparkbooth

Mailchimp Logo

New beta update 4.2.6 enables email subscriptions with MailChimp in photo kiosk mode. You can enable MailChimp subscriptions under the Email settings, or from the Send Photo Later queue. See release notes.

You can download the beta below. Note: this beta also include the new green screen feature and photo kiosk counters.

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Photo kiosk counters dialog

New beta update 4.2.6 enables counters in photo kiosk mode. You can use counters to track uploads and prints, and actions like notifications, disabling printing, or closing the kiosk when counter limits are reached. Counters can be viewed under Settings > Counters, or by pressing ctrl-4 from the main screen. To learn more about counters watch our short tutorial. See release notes.

You can download the beta below. Note: this beta also include the new green screen feature.

Download Sparkbooth

We are releasing the beta for green screen (chroma key) for Sparkbooth users to try out. The green screen feature is for Premium license users only. Please review the Sparkbooth Green Screen instructions and setup tips. See release notes. You can download the beta below:

Download Sparkbooth

Sparkbooth image cover screen

  • Start screens. Option to replace on-screen button with separate screens to select photo layouts, photo effects, and screen overlays
  • Cover screen options to display a start image or slideshow of photos. Use this for Sparkbooth DSLR to turn off LiveView in between session
  • Update Facebook log in screen and uploader to Facebook's 2.0 service
  • Post to Facebook event page
  • Photo layout reset options to select next or random layout for next guest
  • Twilio SMS can now send photo links uploaded to you Facebook, SmugMug, or Flickr accounts
  • New Mogreet MMS and SMS uploader
  • New ZenFolio uploader
  • Send Photo Later can throttle uploads due for services with rate limits
  • Send all photos to an account email. Great for websites with "post by email" photo galleries like SquareSpace or Wordpress
  • Reset Layout Editor customizations for a photo layout - removing any images and text objects
  • Doubled limit of image and text customizations for Personal license users
  • Added counters for Facebook, Twitter, emailing, SMS
  • Submit emails to MailChimp from Send Photo Later queue
  • Keyboard enabled prints count on print prompt screen using arrow keys
  • Hide photo layouts
  • Workaround for Twitter login service changes
  • Click to update from notification
  • Name and re-order counter by dragging and dropping in list
  • Fix Mac Developer ID for Mac installs
  • Other optimizations and fixes

Sparkbooth DSLR 4.1 includes all the above plus:

  • Support for Canon T5 / 1200D
  • Improved and optimized LiveView memory and CPU usage
  • New DSLR app icon
  • Fix white LiveView screen

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