Sparkbooth Photo Booth Software News

Here are some real-world examples of Sparkbooth at events:

Great job everyone!

Here are some useful resources if you are building your own photo booth with Sparkbooth:

Please email me if you have other recommendations, I will post them up here.

  • Add test button for output and uploaders
  • Count down timer goes 3, 2, 1
  • Set wait time for user prompts
  • Fixed photo filenaming issue
  • New EULA


Automatic printing has been a frequently requested feature for Sparkbooth. I have been working on a solution which is waiting on the release of Adobe AIR 2.0. [Note: Please do not install Adobe AIR 2.0 beta and run Sparkbooth. I am getting reports of webcam and printer issues when running the beta. Only run Sparkbooth on the latest release, Adobe AIR 1.5.3]

In the meanwhile, wedding photographer Josh Rodriguez has come up with a solution in Mac OS X using a simple Automator script. Check out Josh's article. Great job Josh!

[Update April 2, 2010]: Someone has pointed out AutoPrint as a similar printing solution for Windows users. If you are using this, please let me know how well it works.

Setting up a photo booth for a Valentine’s Day party? Here are some useful tips.

New series at DoItFromScratch on building your own photo booth using Sparkbooth. Looking forward to seeing this project progress!

Check out this great Valentine’s idea using Sparkbooth over at Mommy Mishmash.

  • New photo preview
  • Option for black & white, or sepia photos
  • Fix for photo layout rendering issues


  • Adjustable delay between shots
  • Option to show count down in between shots
  • New 2 x 4 photo layout. 1 x 4 photo with duplicate. Great for getting 2 copies in one printing.


Lighting can greatly affect the quality of images produced by your webcam. Here is a great article detailing ways to adjust the lighting of your webcam. Even the cheapest of webcams can still produce good images.