Sparkbooth Photo Booth Software News

New series at DoItFromScratch on building your own photo booth using Sparkbooth. Looking forward to seeing this project progress!

Check out this great Valentine’s idea using Sparkbooth over at Mommy Mishmash.

  • New photo preview
  • Option for black & white, or sepia photos
  • Fix for photo layout rendering issues


  • Adjustable delay between shots
  • Option to show count down in between shots
  • New 2 x 4 photo layout. 1 x 4 photo with duplicate. Great for getting 2 copies in one printing.


Lighting can greatly affect the quality of images produced by your webcam. Here is a great article detailing ways to adjust the lighting of your webcam. Even the cheapest of webcams can still produce good images.


Print out Sparkbooth photos after the event to include in your thank you cards. The photos look great on 4 x 6 photo paper.

Head over to to enter a contest for a free copy of Sparkbooth. Contest ends February 2, so hurry!


Quick tip, remember to run Sparkbooth in fullscreen for a kiosk-like experience. Press the fullscreen button in the lower-right corner, or press F7 on your keyboard to make Sparkbooth fullscreen. This will keep your guest’s attention and focus on the photo booth, and not be distracted by your computer’s desktop. It is more user-friendly, and a better experience.

  • Customize on-screen start, processing, and thank you messages. Great for customizing Sparkbooth for your event or language
  • Option to ask user for name and/or email for “Save to disk only”. Information is saved to delimited text file along with photo filename. Useful for sending photos to guest after the event.
  • Improved Facebook Connect sign-in process
  • Attempt to retry Facebook uploads if Facebook service is having problems
  • More user-interface refinements and improvements

This is a free update.


Niamh Lynch of Softonic recently reviewed Sparkbooth. Some review highlights:

  • All the fun of a photo booth on your computer
  • Sparkbooth is a clever, fun tool that's perfect for parties.
  • Great social networking options
  • Lots of photo layout options
  • Very clear controls

Softonic Outstanding Rating